CMiC delivers an enterprise view, a project view, and a sub-activity view of everything that has to happen in your construction firm now, and where it’s going tomorrow.

Enterprise planning is essential for forecasting. With CMiC’s graphical interface, your teams can easily administer—from an enterprise perspective—both equipment and human ‘soft and hard’ allocation planning. The process involves resource assignments—human and equipment—as well as the work you plan to achieve. CMiC Financials & Accounting shows you what’s happened in the past and what’s happening today, while CMiC Enterprise Planning anticipates what will happen tomorrow.

Resource Planning

A major challenge for construction firms is figuring out how to access and visualize the ‘master’ project resource plan in one place. CMiC has made resource planning easy by creating an interactive schedule with a dynamic timeline that visualizes the project resource plan for your entire organization. The interactive schedule often replaces a static resource management spreadsheet.

With CMiC, you can make resource management decisions on the fly while quickly viewing resource availability. Your project resourcing team is constantly balancing skills and availability. CMiC’s resource planning solution helps match individual resources to the project’s requirements by finding team members according to their skills and availability. CMiC Resource Planning pulls all the information for each project together into a simple, user-friendly interface. You can check ‘the board’ to see a visual status of the entire company.

"We save hours by no longer needing to track down resources because we can see what everyone is tasked with—with a click of a button. Also, we no longer have to call 4–5 different people and wait hours—or days—for their response. CMiC’s Resource Planning module took a process that once took days down to minutes."
—  BJ Van Orman, JE Dunn Construction

Opportunity Management

CMiC’s Opportunity Management is specifically designed to manage the complex business development processes of the construction Industry. With CMiC, you can automate your organization’s sales force by streamlining bid process tracking and optimizing contact management by storing all contacts—whether project related or otherwise—on a single repository. Your business development managers track sales performance and improve sales effectiveness by standardizing successful techniques across the entire sales department. Furthermore, CMiC delivers a clear picture of the future by identifying opportunities on the horizon and preparing resources to win the project.

Sharing the same enterprise database, CMiC Opportunity Management simplifies the management of the entire customer relationship and gives you access to information to build accurate and valuable opportunity forecasts. Maximize customer retention by using historical project information to produce comprehensive proposals and win new business by providing all the information prospects need to know about your company.

Financial Forecasting

While corporate strategy helps determine the long-range vision for your company, the business environment is constantly changing, affecting your day-to-day operations. The CMiC Financial Manager Workbench is a high-performance financial budgeting, planning and reporting application that provides flexible, ‘what-if’ financial modeling capabilities to help you meet your budgeting and ongoing forecasting needs. Model and evaluate different financial scenarios to set targets for your annual operating plan, in a bottom-up or top-down manner. Then, analyze the variance between actual and projected results to manage business performance.

Scheduling 2.0

CMiC Scheduling provides an intuitive interface for entering, categorizing and retrieving resource data, in compliance with all security and data retention regulations. It allows resources to fill needs for multiple types. In addition, it includes a detailed resource search facility, which pulls project details data as well as information from human resources (skills, experience, availability, etc.) to refine employee search and identify suitable candidates. A graphical summary displays needs and allocations by resource type. Furthermore, you can view projected ‘over capacity’ and ‘unutilized’ situations. Lastly, it allows for allocations of equipment as well as labor.


Your business has the potential to grow faster and for longer—but your teams need to keep up. Invest in the software to help them do just that. The CMiC platform is purpose-built for the construction industry, ensuring that your users, and the unique workflows that they manage, are not just supported, but also enhanced by the right capabilities. Speak with an expert to learn how CMiC can help you grow faster while boosting your profits.
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