CMiC delivers an enterprise view, a project view, and a sub-activity view of everything that has to happen in your construction firm now, and where it’s going tomorrow.

Enterprise planning is essential for forecasting. With CMiC’s graphical interface, your teams can easily administer—from an enterprise perspective—both equipment and human ‘soft and hard’ allocation planning. The process involves resource assignments—human and equipment—as well as the work you plan to achieve. CMiC Financials & Accounting shows you what’s happened in the past and what’s happening today, while CMiC Enterprise Planning anticipates what will happen tomorrow.

Resource Planning

CMiC Resource Planning is a powerful organizational tool designed to solve a common organizational problem: Construction firms need a way to create an easily visible “master” resource plan for a project. Resource Planning visualizes projects as interactive schedules with dynamic timelines. These interactive schedules are meant to be easier to work with than static spreadsheets that must be updated manually – making changes manually wastes employee time and introduces extra risk of human error.

Your company stakeholders can quickly view real-time availability and make resource management decisions on the fly. The employees responsible for assigning human resources to any project can use updated information on availability and skill sets to ensure a strong match between requirements and capabilities. With a simple interface and user-friendly controls, employees can view a single project or the current status of every ongoing job across the company.

"We save hours by no longer needing to track down resources because we can see what everyone is tasked with—with a click of a button. Also, we no longer have to call 4–5 different people and wait hours—or days—for their response. CMiC’s Resource Planning module took a process that once took days down to minutes."
—  BJ Van Orman, JE Dunn Construction

Opportunity Management

Effective construction planning software can help your company both capitalize on present opportunities and pursue future contracts. The business development processes associated with winning bids in the construction industry are consolidated into the Opportunity Management module. This tool adds automation to the sales department, using a single source of data to organize every contact kept by the organization, whether those contacts are related to an existing project or not. Advanced tracking features allow leaders to standardize sales processes, capitalize on proven successful techniques and act on accurate opportunity forecasts.

When all customer resource management features are handled through a single cloud-based database accessible by approved stakeholders and software modules throughout the company, managing relationships throughout client life cycles becomes easier and more straightforward. Employees can use information from historical projects when planning new proposals. Furthermore, easy and comprehensive data access allows sales personnel to provide in-depth information to prospects. Those accurate figures may be the compelling collateral your company needs to consistently win new business.

Financial Forecasting

The CMiC Financial Manager Workbench allows your organization to create budgetary plans that reflect the reality of business performance – this means taking real-time data into account. These flexible forecasts are appropriate for use alongside your firm’s long-term corporate strategy and vision. Stakeholders can employ the near-term projections to see if they are on track to meet budgetary requirements or match up with overall forecasts. Detecting shortfalls early lets your firm plan around them and adjust day-to-day operations intelligently.

Rather than just viewing simple projections, users of the Financial Manager Workbench can try out “what-if” financial models that reflect different possible outcomes. This modeling process allows your employees to create realistic targets, whether these are top-down objectives based on goals or bottom-up versions extrapolated from present performance. As the projected time frames actually play out, employees can perform analysis on actual and projected results to measure and guide company performance.

Scheduling 2.0

Your hiring and scheduling needs for construction projects come with complexities that go beyond those in other industries. From specialized training and certification requirements to the cyclical nature of hiring employees for the duration of projects, your needs call for purpose-built construction software like the CMiC Scheduling module. This tech tool also helps your workers stay in compliance with requirements across all industries, such as the need to keep employee data in a secure, private repository.

Searching for employees to perform particular roles, assessing their skills and allocating them to the task is a multi-step process. CMiC Scheduling uses a graphical interface to summarize needs and allocations across job sites and projects. It’s easy to project which jobs are over their needed capacity of human resources, which people are being unutilized at a particular time and which pieces of equipment are present and available for use on each job site. The detailed search feature allows stakeholders to use variables such as skills, experience and availability to find particular workers when they’re most needed.


Your business has the potential to grow faster and for longer—but your teams need to keep up. Invest in the software to help them do just that. The CMiC platform is purpose-built for the construction industry, ensuring that your users, and the unique workflows that they manage, are not just supported, but also enhanced by the right capabilities. Speak with an expert to learn how CMiC can help you grow faster while boosting your profits.
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