CMiC Delivers Cutting Edge Software Solutions, Purpose-Built for the Construction Industry

CMiC is the leading provider of next generation construction ERP across the globe.

Yellow construction helmet on a table with drawings
Yellow construction helmet on a table with drawings

Founded in 1974, CMiC is the leading provider of unified, integrated, and innovative software solutions which are purpose-built for the construction industry. Our suite of solutions is designed to drive integrated project delivery, optimize workflows and heighten office-to-field communications. With one-quarter of construction firms on ENR’s Top 400 Contractors list making CMiC their construction Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system of choice, we service firms ranging from general and specialty contractors to heavy/highway and project owners. In fact, we handle more than $100 billion in construction revenue annually.

Our ERP is comprised of a vast array of software applications within key product pillars: CMiC Financials and CMiC Project Management. Through its industry-specific functionality with proven workflows, the applications within CMiC Financials are designed to help finance teams manage accounting, human capital, and payroll — effortlessly. CMiC Project Management software enable teams to collaborate with project stakeholders, control project changes, manage subcontractor tasks and stay on top of material suppliers.

Four construction workers looking at a drawing
Four construction workers looking at a drawing

We know construction and provide scalable solutions to firms across the globe.

The depth and breadth of CMiC’s construction management helps effectively run operations for construction firms – from general, specialty and heavy/highway contractors to project owners in government, higher education, technology, hospitality, healthcare and manufacturing.

While the full range of modules and applications have been developed in-house, the CMiC platform offers the flexibility to integrate third party point solutions, such as OCR scanning, e-sign and service management applications, through integration adapters and API bundles.

Three employees standing looking at an iPad
Three employees standing looking at an iPad

As a strategic partner, we work with our customers for flexible solutions, tailored for their unique business needs.

Customers can choose from a range of flexible deployment options to cater to their technology infrastructure: on-premise; Platform-as-a-Service (private cloud); or a multi-tenant cloud environment or Software-as-a-Service.

CMiC at a Glance

A History of Customer Success and Product Innovation

With a laser focus on innovation, CMiC also invests extensively in R&D. Approximately 25% of our revenue is reinvested in product development, catapulting us to the top of the construction software innovation. CMiC both attracts new clients and retains existing ones by providing cutting-edge features and capabilities, offering various forms of services, helping our customers drive growth and profitability, all while forging strong partnerships from the leadership suite to the jobsite.

This dedication to innovation enables us to respond to changing market demands and provide cutting-edge solutions to its customers. We help frims by equipping them with robust applications to help gain actionable insights, make data-driven decisions, and optimize their processes to increase productivity. This is made possible by incorporating emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and data analytics within our solutions.

Our industry-leading technology, which includes an open API interface, a superior project management application, a strong user experience and interface, and a distinct consistency across our modules, is a true reflection of our innovation focus. What’s more, our organic software development is produced in-house and is based on a single code set, with our robust feature set allowing for tight data movement between applications. On top of that, we have a strong integration partner ecosystem, which enhances the value of the CMiC platform as well as our service offerings.

Why choose CMiC?

What Sets CMiC’s Robust Financials and Project Management Applications Apart From the Others:

  • Industry-leading technology with an open API interface

  • Best-in-class user experience and user interface

  • Software development that is based on a single code set and built in-house

  • A deeper feature set with seamless movement of data between applications

What Makes CMiC a Great Business Partner in the Long-Term:

  • Continuous investment in customer support and customer success

  • In-house implementation, support, development and product teams

  • Transparent and easy-to-predict pricing (including implementation and support)

  • Integration partners do not require middleware

What Gives CMiC a Competitive Advantage:

  • Strong Market Position: We have established ourselves as a leading provider of construction software solutions. In North America, we enjoy a 25% market share of the top 400 contractors. Our reputation and track record in the industry make us a preferred choice for construction companies seeking reliable and effective technology solutions.

  • Scalability and adaptability: Our software is designed to scale with the evolving needs of construction companies. As the construction industry continues to evolve and adopt new technologies, our ability to adapt and provide flexible solutions positions it for sustained growth.

  • Customer-Centric Approach: We place a strong emphasis on understanding and addressing the specific needs of its customers. By providing tailored solutions and exceptional customer support, we build long-term relationships and fosters customer loyalty, driving repeat business and positive referrals.

  • Continuous Innovation: With a laser focus on innovation, We also invest extensively in R&D. Approximately 25% of our revenue is reinvested in product development, catapulting us to the top of the construction software innovation.

  • Market Demand: As construction companies increasingly recognize the need for digital transformation and seek technology solutions to streamline their operations, we are well-positioned to capture a significant market share and achieve profitable growth.

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