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Provide stakeholders access to the most up-to-date project information

To ensure that construction projects are completed on time and within budget, it’s essential that all aspects of the project are documented properly and that stakeholders have access to the most up-to-date project information.

The Problem: Managing and retrieving documents manually

Managing, organizing and retrieving documents manually is not only a time-consuming task, but this also increases the risk of faulty project tracking and unreliable financial reporting.

The Solution: Robust Document Control with CMiC's Construction ERP

From architectural drawings to specifications for industrial facilities, CMiC’s Construction Documents appliction integrates all your construction documents into one ecosystem, using advanced document management tools.

Robust Drawing Management Capabilities Keep Field Teams Up-to-Date with Drawing Sets Provided in Real-Time

View, mark up and share construction drawings to showcase the project's technical details in an easy-to-use format.

Easily navigate hundreds of images and plans created for every construction job, and keep your entire team working from the latest drawings. CMiC FIELD includes out-of-the-box construction drawing software where users can upload, mark-up, sort, and search for the drawings they need at any time.

Streamline the design and approval process of plans, drawings, documents, and communications.


  • Metadata and Hyperlinks automatically extract key metadata (e.g. page number and title) and insert hyperlinks for callouts.

  • Drawings and Specifications Invite your entire project team to collaborate on your drawing set.

  • Annotations Annotate the drawing and link to RFIs, issues, documents, and punch list items.


  • Access drawings from any mobile device: Users in the field can take advantage of the mobile app to access the latest drawings, with all comments across all trades — even in offline mode.

  • Collaborate seamlessly with subcontractors: Invite subcontractors to annotate, markup, and collaborate on drawings. They can also create their own RFIs that can be sent directly to contractors, speeding up the time for approvals.

  • Track all sheets and versions: New slip sheets and revised drawings are uploaded immediately so that everyone on the project has access to the latest version.

Four construction workers looking at an drawings
Four construction workers looking at an drawings

Boost Productivity

With a single database platform that keeps all your documents, drawings and content assets in one digital platform, it automatically indexes your records and enables easy, fast retrieval.

By linking key data across different documents — and the paths between those documents — you can manage every project with the confidence that all associated content assets are easily found and available for review and deeper inquiry.

Two employees at a desk looking at documents
Two employees at a desk looking at documents

Mitigate Risks

Sub-par document tracking and management can create risks at every stage of a construction project.

When you rely on a single, enterprise-wide platform with embedded document control, you can rest assured that all of your documents are updated in real-time, accessible to all stakeholders, and storied securely for compliance requirements and future retrieval.

Employees sitting listening to two people talk
Employees sitting listening to two people talk

Demonstrate Regulatory Compliance

Easily access all legal and regulatory documents, including licenses, permits and administrative files to ensure that your firm is compliant.

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