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CONSTRUCT™: Next Generation Construction ERP

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CONSTRUCT, the new front end on top our robust ERP, is part of our Single Database Platform™, which eliminates data conflicts between operations and financials and improves communication and collaboration for all project stakeholders.

Purpose-built for the construction industry, this suite of solutions is designed to deliver on industry-specific functionality and workflows. On top of that, its mobile functionality helps streamline data collection, optimize workflow management, and provide robust analytical reporting for your field teams.

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Solution brief for Project Management

Construction executives looking at a wall

Learn about the business benefits that Project Management can deliver.

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Project Management for Mobile Solution Brief

Unify Your Back Office and Field Teams

Yellow construction helmet on a table with drawings
Yellow construction helmet on a table with drawings

What is CMiC Project Controls?

CMiC’s Project Controls solution allows users to effectively monitor project budgets, including time, expenses, suppliers, and costs. On top f that, it equips users to identify issues early in the process and course correct in a timely manner. By providing access to every version of your team's project documents, you will be able to stay on top of all project changes and deliver results with seamless execution.

Female executive standing looking at an iPad
Female executive standing looking at an iPad

How does CMiC Project Controls help support operations?

Project control practices are required to prevent cost and schedule overruns, on top of limiting risk. Teams with effective project controls in place can proactively identify when issues arise, then quickly course correct to get back on track.

Using CMiC’s project control capabilities is mission critical to delivering projects on time and within budget.

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Why choose CMiC Project Controls?

Gain the Single Database Platform Advantage

Change Management

Change management for construction projects has become increasingly complex, driven by the growing number of organizations involved in any given project. In order for projects to be successful, your teams need to stay on top of any and all changes by having access to the most up-to-date and accurate information and fully understanding the scope of work, the schedule and the costs involved.


  • Access costs that are automatically updated

  • Manage orders through their entire lifecycle

  • Enter and approve change orders entirely online

  • Generate change orders from answered RFIs


  • Reduce misinformation and improve clarity

  • Monitor and approve requests from a single location

  • Reduce wait times for approvals

  • Improve responsiveness to drive greater client satisfaction

Enhance Subcontractor Relationship Management

With CMiC, your teams can manage subcontractors from start to finish by integrating all subcontractor activity into your workflows. By leveraging our Project Controls solution, your subcontractors become an extension of your own staff.


  • Create, track, and approve vendor applications online.    

  • Prequalify subcontractors before they start work on a project.    

  • Manage licenses, trade types, and insurance information.

  • Store performance ratings from past work by each subcontractor.


  • Gain full control of all subcontracting arrangements.

  • Log all subcontractor communications for future reference.

  • Gain closer oversight to help ensure subcontractor compliance.

  • Benefit from a better selection of subcontractors, which leads to lower operational risks.

Cost, Revenue & Budget Management

With our robust Project Controls capabilities, your teams can track and monitor time, expenses, supplier and capital costs, essentially managing the project budget with confidence. You can create different cost structures based on project, country and business process requirements — this is to manage multiple projects across several geographies, all while complying with different standards. In addition, you can create bills and invoices in a variety of flexible formats to meet any job requirements.


  • Track and monitor time, expenses and capital costs.        

  • Define and deploy different cost philosophies.   

  • Generate bills and invoices quickly in a variety of formats.            

  • Manage projects across regions with different accounting standards.         


  • Comply with different accounting standards.

  • Increase precision and transparency.

  • Detect billing issues and take fast corrective actions.

  • Track project budgets accurately and with confidence.


Bidding & Procurement Management

This application facilitates the management of all data, information, and communications related to the bid process, from estimate to buyout, eliminating unnecessary steps and allowing your users to drill down into details and make better procurement decisions.


  • Seamlessly integrate bid estimates into the overall process.

  • Track and analyze each bid from a subcontractor. 

  • Automate the process of receiving bids for bid packages.

  • Define exclusions, inclusions, and special pricing for bid packages.


  • Manage bid process information effectively.

  • Make the bidding and selection process efficient, objective, and standardized.

  • Generate customized and detailed bid packages.

  • Automate the bidder evaluation process.

Overhead shot of eight construction workers sitting at a desk looking at drawings

Solution brief for Project Controls

Overhead shot of eight construction workers sitting at a desk looking at drawings

Learn about the business benefits that Project Controls can deliver.

Read the Solution Brief

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