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Gain the Single Database Platform Advantage.

Our Dashboards and Reports

Embedded directly into our core CMiC interface, our dashboards and reports are accessible and easy-to-use, all while housed in an environment familiar to its users.

Dashboards :

  • Our Single Database PlatformTM enables you to access all project data and perform data analysis from one dashboard.

  • Our enhanced user interface, built with innovative features, allows you to create a tailored workspace using dashboards.

Reports :

  • Generate reports to measure key KPIs.

  • Drill into record-level data (e.g. source transactions) without the need for third-party analytics applications.

Leverage Data to Gain Insights and Drive Data-Driven Decision Making

To gain a competitive advantage, leading construction firms have incorporated systems with robust data analytics into their technology infrastructure.

What are the key benefits of CMiC Analytics?

Two laptops on a desk
Two laptops on a desk

Leverage a Tailored Workspace and a Superior User Interface

With a cutting edge user interface expanded with innovative features, CMiC Analytics allows users to create a tailored workspace – essentially a canvas that can be used to launch Object Cards, including Dashboards, Queries and Card Views.

You can customize your canvases by dragging and dropping Object Cards into logical groupings called Buckets. You can also leverage analytics to measure key KPIs, such as sales pipeline, sub-contractor performance and aging reports.

Two executives looking at financial data on a laptop
Two executives looking at financial data on a laptop

Equip Your Teams with the Power of Real-Time Data

By embedding directly into the core CMiC interface, the widgets and components function within existing screens, displaying reports and dashboards in an environment already familiar to users.

This capability enhances the immediacy and relevancy of fact-based insights within existing applications, providing your teams the information required to make better decisions.

Key benefits include:

  • Real-time visibility into project-specific data

  • Enhanced productivity across workflows

  • Enhanced control over cash flow

  • Optimized resource allocation and data-driven decision making

  • Ability to identify and respond to events with potential cost impact

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7 construction workers talking

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