The CMiC Community

At CMiC, we build our ecosystem by providing our community access to groups, forums, and events.

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CMUG: CMiC’s User Group

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CMUG (pronounced “Cee-Mug”) is a non-profit group of CMiC users, representing hundreds of companies in North America. Independent from CMiC, CMUG is run by a team of users who have deployed CMiC software.

With a nominal annual cost, membership to CMUG gives you exclusive access to its community of users and various resources. There is no better way to find and share tips, tricks and best practices, as well as quick solutions to common challenges facing construction firms today. Membership in the CMUG community provides you with actionable insights you will need to enrich your CMiC software experience. CMUG also plays a strategic role in building the content agenda for CMiC’s Annual Customer Conference, CONNECT.

For more information on membership benefits and costs, or to become a member company of CMUG, please contact Douglas Anne, Chairperson, via email by clicking here.

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Webinars & Events

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Throughout the year, we exhibit at a variety of trade shows and conferences, and host webinars covering a broad range of topics. 

Connect with us at an event near you — or register for one of our webinars. Engage with our solutions experts, view live product demonstrations and experience how our Financials and Project Management solutions can help transform your business.

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CMiC Support Offerings

We have various forms of support available to our users for technical support and guidance.

Types of Support

Account Managers:

Each customer will be assigned an Account Manager who will:

  • Provide unlimited support (no additional cost).

  • Escalate critical issues.

Support Tickets

You can submit a support ticket by clicking here.

Customer Phone Support Line

We provide 24-hour phone support. Please call our specialists at +1-833-264-2353.

Customer Support Portal

Our customers have access to CMiC Assist, our customer portal. This is a repository of:

  • Product release notes

  • Key documentation

  • Instructional videos

  • Product videos

Access CMiC Assist