Rolled drawings on a desk next to a monitor 1200x801
Rolled drawings on a desk next to a monitor 1200x801

4 Ways Advanced ERP Reduces Risk on the Job Site

The construction industry is one of the most dangerous markets to work in. A construction worker has the #12 most dangerous job, according to recent findings by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, with exposure to job site hazards that cause thousands of fatalities each year.

But with newly developed technology, construction firms now have the potential to reduce risk while simultaneously improving workflow. Here are 4 ways a construction ERP solution can offer new levels of safety and control for your team.

1. Building Information Modeling (BIM)

BIM offers the most obvious benefits when it comes to safety and cost savings. Firms using advanced BIM are far more likely to find and correct potential issues, allowing them to reduce hazards and avoid costly backtracking. And with technology advancing at exponential rates, BIM technology will keep getting better and better.

2. Mobile Devices

How can mobile devices possibly improve worksite safety? It may be surprising but there are actually many safety benefits to workers using their mobile devices on a job site. Mobile ERP empowers communication. Onsite workers can report potential risks to project stakeholders before they become an issue using photo and video recording. And with apps like flashlights and calculators, mobile devices reduce the number of tools that workers need to carry with them.

3. Project Management Software

A project that is behind schedule can lead to disaster: With managers putting on the pressure to complete the project, workers may sacrifice quality control and safety standards, cutting corners in order to finish the job. Advanced project management and collaboration tools are built to keep projects on track and on schedule. Set targeted goals and access information easily, reducing stress and improving workflow for both workers and supervisors.

4. Subcontractor HR Tools

Advanced HR tools streamline the process of choosing subcontractors and help you hire the best of the best. With the ability to search through a database of contractors and view their past work, credentials, insurance and other crucial data, HR tools save time and minimize liability on the jobsite.

With today’s most advanced technology, an investment in safety is also an investment in efficiency, collaboration and growth.