According to a recent article by Forbes, which focused on the future of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace,
organizations with higher ethnic representation perform 35% better… In addition to that, firms with greater gender diversity demonstrate a 15% increase in company performance, relative to their counterparts.

What has become increasingly clear is the importance and applicability of adopting business practices to promote DEI, which are essential to the long-term success of organizations—across all industries.

At CMiC, we continue to uphold our strong commitment to driving employee satisfaction and deepening employee engagement. To ensure continuous development, our leaders and key groups have put a strong focus on amplifying our DEI program and initiatives.

Our Workforce | Key Diversity Statistics

Here are some key trends and statistics that highlight the diversity that exists within our current employee base.

Steadily Increasing Female Representation:

  • Female representation in our employee base has grown by 16% in recent years:1
    • 11% increase in the proportion of female employees (overall)
    • 16% increase in the proportion of female programmers
    • 14% increase in the proportion of leads/managers who are female
    • 11% increase in the proportion of senior leadership members who are female
  • Two of the members of our Board of Directors are female, and an additional one as part of our Strategic Senior Leadership Team

Representation of Minority Groups:

  • 68% of our employees fall into the visible minority group
  • 17% of our employee base have been in Canada for less than 4 years

Key Internal Groups and Inclusion-Focused Initiatives

In 2019, we established our key CSR committees, Social Purpose and Ready, Set, Build! We are currently in the process of building a DEI team, with the goal of launching by the end of the year.

With our specific DEI-focused efforts, here are some key initiatives we have participated in or supported in the past year:

Construction Inclusion Week:

With the goal of promoting and strengthening DEI in the construction industry, leaders from DPR, Gilbane, Turner Construction, Mortenson, McCarthy and Clark Construction Group created an organization called “Time for Change” in 2020. One of their first accomplishments was the establishment of Construction Inclusion Week (CIW), which took place in October, 2021.

To fulfil our roles as CIW ambassadors and champions, we took on various projects, which included:

Groundbreaking Women in Construction Conference (GWIC):

We made our debut at the Groundbreaking Women in Construction event in May 2022, where we hosted lunch round table discussions focused on Mentoring Women in Construction. Aligning with this year’s theme “Be Inspired – Feel Empowered – Get Connected,” Shirin Ali, Director of Marketing and Roxy Grigorescu, Account Executive, shared their experiences and insights on how they overcame challenges and became better allies for women.

To help celebrate this great event, we also put together an inspirational and thought-provoking video where female leaders at CMiC shared their views on gender issues and future trends within the construction industry.

International Women’s Day:

To commemorate this special occasion, we asked 6 of our female changemakers to share what this day meant for them, which was captured in this informative and insightful video. Key participants included: Shirin Ali – Director, Marketing, Vera Rubisova – Vice President, Application Development, Melissa Afkari — Integrations Manager, Marjan Dehghani — QA Test Lead Analyst , Lorena Rogovsky — HR Generalist, and Maheen Jafari — Product Manager, HCM.

Looking Ahead | Our DEI Journey Going Forward

While we are proud of our accomplishments to date, we are committed to ramping up our efforts and partaking in many more DEI initiatives going forward—this is just the beginning for CMiC.

For more information about our DEI efforts, please click here.

1From 2015 to 2021.