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CMiC To Launch Collaborate—a Project Collaboration Platform for Construction Partnerships

Toronto, Ontario, August 15, 2018 — CMiC, recognized innovator of the most complete ERP and field operations software for construction, announced the release of Collaborate, the first true Cloud platform that enables seamless sharing of project documents, communications and cost information between general contractors, their partners and their network of subcontractors.

Collaborate is a breakthrough service that will change how industry players currently work together to deliver projects that involve a variety of partnering firms. The Collaborate platform includes two distinct Cloud services: Project Gateway and Project Management Exchange (PM Exchange).

Project Gateway aggregates projects led by general contractors and makes them accessible to all stakeholders. Through the Project Gateway portal, collaborators may view all active projects on a dashboard with a single point of access—effectively eliminating the need for multiple re-authentications between project navigations. Unlike the traditional username/password model, Collaborate’s email driven authentication process alleviates the burden on project owners to manage and maintain each individual collaborator.

PM Exchange enables the flawless exchange of project administration objects across systems and construction firm venture partners. This is accomplished by mapping the flow of data associated with those objects, such as RFIs and submittals, bi-directionally between systems.  The current state of construction data exchanges is based on PDF documents getting shuttled back and forth via email. PM Exchange enables people to work in the system of their choice, with real-time data synchronization to other systems, as required.

Oliver Ritchie, vice president of technology and innovation at CMiC, describes the power of Collaborate’s design: “CMiC Project Gateway is the only place you need to go for all of your project information. Driven by a single login, we simplified the sheer volume of data being exchanged so everyone is collaborating on the same, single live data set, accelerating communications to make decisions more efficient, relevant and timely. Project collaborators only have to remember one thing—CMiC Project Gateway—the access point to all the project data you need.”

Ritchie continued, “Project Gateway provides seamless visibility of project information between GCs and their subcontractors. But construction firms also need a better way to move data back and forth across different systems and between project partners—this is where PM Exchange comes in. A common language with dynamic translations for key values allows different systems to understand each other, essentially creating a CMiC ‘translator.’ PM Exchange is going to redefine how all players in the industry collaborate to deliver projects faster, with less risk and at lower costs.”


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