Two construction executives looking at an iPad on a site
Two construction executives looking at an iPad on a site

GGC National Contractors Lays the Foundation for Optimized Information Flows and Processes with CMiC’s Next Gen ERP

Toronto, Ontario, May 1, 2024 – CMiC, a leading Next Generation Construction ERP provider, recently announced a new partnership with GGC National Contractors, a renowned national general contractor specializing in retail construction. As GGC continues to grow and expand its operational footprint across almost all 50 states, the need for a comprehensive and robust construction management solution became increasingly apparent. Their search for a solution to optimize their complex operations and ensure accurate financial reporting throughout the project lifecycle led them to CMiC, acclaimed for its cutting-edge ERP capabilities specifically tailored for the construction industry.

GGC National Contractors: Pioneers in Retail Construction and Project Management

Established under the name Go Green Construction Inc., GGC National Contractors has evolved into a leading national general contractor specializing in retail construction. With a strategic shift from its original name to a more concise and recognized brand, GGC National Contractors, the company has entrenched itself as a significant player in the construction industry.

GGC’s services include the entire project lifecycle ­— from sourcing subcontractors to overseeing field superintendents, to managing change orders — ensuring timely and on-budget project execution. Unlike traditional construction firms that might engage directly in on-site physical labor, GGC's strength lies in its robust office-based operations, involving extensive documentation, reporting, and meticulous financial management. This approach positions them uniquely, as they play a pivotal role in both the allocation of funds and the overall project management, making their accounting system a cornerstone of their business operations.

Their roster of customers boasts high-profile names, notably including Dick's Sporting Goods, for whom they have built numerous facilities. Other widely recognized customers include American Eagle Outfitters, Abercrombie & Fitch, and many others. GGC's operational footprint is extensive, with licensing in almost all 50 states, showcasing their ability to manage retail construction projects nationwide. This wide-ranging license coverage is a key factor in their ability to attract and retain clients, especially for projects in remote or less accessible locations. With a workforce exceeding 50 professionals, GGC is well-equipped to handle a diverse range of construction projects.

Business Challenges Faced: Outdated Accounts Payable Processes, Data Discrepancies, and Manual Workflow Inefficiencies

Prior to the adoption of CMiC, GGC National Contractors grappled with several operational challenges that hampered their efficiency and accuracy in financial management. These issues included:

  • Outdated Accounts Payable Process: GGC initially relied on a disjointed and outdated accounts payable system where invoices from subcontractors and vendors arrived through multiple, unpredictable channels, creating a chaotic and unstandardized process. This lack of a centralized, paperless system led to a significant administrative burden and the risk of misplacing critical financial documents.

  • Data Management and Integrity Concerns: The company’s manual processes for handling invoices – which required multiple staff members for coding, approval, and data entry into the accounting system – raised serious concerns about data integrity. The frequent handling of invoices, whether virtual or physical, increased the likelihood of data loss or errors, undermining the reliability of their financial records.

  • Inefficiencies Due to the Use of Manual Workflows: The process of manually extracting invoices from emails and physical folders for system entry was not only time-consuming, but also prone to inaccuracies. This fragmented approach to invoice processing often led to duplicated payments and significant discrepancies in financial records, posing a risk to the company's financial health.

  • Unreliable Financial Reporting: GGC National Contractors faced difficulties with financial reconciliation due to unreliable reports from their existing system. The inability to accurately track open invoices and financial obligations led to a mistrust in the system’s output, further complicating financial management and decision-making processes.

In light of these challenges, it was evident that GGC National Contractors required a comprehensive and integrated software solution.

The Software Selection Journey: Landing on CMiC for their Construction-Specific Capabilities

GGC National Contractors' quest led them to evaluate several software options, including

Procore, Trimble Viewpoint, Acumatica, and CMiC. The team carefully examined each software's capabilities, seeking a solution that would seamlessly align with their operational requirements.

After an in-depth analysis, GGC National Contractors concluded that CMiC was the most suitable choice for their complex needs. The primary reasons for this selection included:

  • Integrated ERP System: CMiC provides a comprehensive ERP solution that combines extensive Financials and Project Management capabilities, crucial for the multifaceted nature of GGC's operations.

  • Advanced Financial and Accounting Features: The software offers robust financial management tools that are designed to equip the finance team at GGC to manage accounting, human resources, and payroll effectively, using industry-specific workflows tailored to the unique demands of the construction industry.

  • User-Friendly Interface: CMiC's intuitive user interface was a significant factor in the decision, promising higher user adoption rates across GGC's various teams.

Key CMiC Applications within their Product Roadmap

Here is a summary and preview to the applications on GGC’s implementation plan, which is currently underway:

Phase 1:

  • Project Management, which will help teams at GGC enhance efficiency, decision making and project delivery. Key features include Drawing management, Communication Management, and Collaboration Management (Gateway).

  • Workflows and Enterprise Content Management, which will serve as a content repository and help their teams improve productivity and securely access information when needed.

  • Site management, which will aid GGC in enhancing project outcomes, and ensuring a successful construction process.

Phase 2:

  • Financials, which will assist GGC in streamlining financial processes, ensuring accurate record-keeping, and providing insights for informed financial forecasting. Within this suite, key applications include General Ledger, Accountings Payable, Accounts Receivable, Project Costing (including Job costing for timesheets), and Project Billing.

  • Project Management, which will help GGC to empower construction teams to collaborate effectively, control project changes, manage subcontractors, and simplify processes. Key applications on their roadmap include Subcontractor Management and Change Management.

Phase 3:

  • Project Management, which will enable GGC’s construction teams to execute complex projects on time and within budget. Key applications they selected are Opportunity Management, Bid and Procurement, and Subcontractor Prequalification.

Enhancing Operational Cohesion: GGC National Contractors' Vision with the Implementation of CMiC’s ERP

With an emphasis on unifying various aspects of the business, the upcoming implementation of CMiC’s integrated ERP marks a significant step forward for the company. As stated by Hillary Hambleton, the Chief Financial Officer at GGC National Contractors: “We're looking to make information more cohesive amongst the office,” underlining the goal of streamlined information flow across different departments.

In sum, the union of GGC National Contractors with CMiC is an initiative that aims to bring about considerable long-term advancements:

  • Integrated Project Management: GGC anticipates a more unified and efficient project management process. This shift is expected to enable smoother transitions from fitting to closeout, with all relevant information accessible in one system.

  • Enhanced Collaboration and Information Sharing: The implementation of CMiC is designed to ensure that all team members — from accounting to project management to bid coordinators — have access to consistent and up-to-date information. This integration fosters improved collaboration and decision-making.

Acknowledging the challenges that typically accompany such implementations, Hambleton and team anticipate that the implementation process will be as least complicated as possible, given the extensive planning that was involved in the initial phases. This realistic yet optimistic outlook highlights GGC’s commitment to navigating the complexities of integration, while striving for operational excellence.

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About GGC National Contractors: GGC National Contractors was founded in 2009 on the principles of sustainable and quality construction. With a team of over fifty professionals, we specialize in commercial, retail, office & technology, multifamily, automotive, and healthcare industries. Representative amongst GGC National Contractors’ clients are more than fifty national and global industry leaders. GGC National provides its clients with outstanding and reliable service. At GGC National, our goal is to provide our customers with a frictionless experience, managing every facet of the process from preconstruction services through project completion.

GGC National Contractors is licensed in 48 states. Our nationwide network and reporting technology allow us to seamlessly operate in any location, while maintaining constant contact with our tradespeople and clients. We have performed over 1,000 projects of varying scope, scale, and cost throughout the country.

About CMiC:

As an industry pioneer, CMiC delivers complete and unified Financials and Project Management software solutions for construction and capital projects firms. CMiC’s powerful software transforms how firms optimize productivity, minimize risk and drive growth by planning and managing all financials, projects, resources, and content assets—from a Single Database Platform™. With customers throughout North America and overseas, CMiC serves one-quarter of ENR’s Top 400 Contractors and hundreds of small and mid-sized construction firms, from general and specialty contractors to heavy/highway and project owners. Over $100 billion in construction revenue is handled by CMiC annually.