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Two executives on a site looking at a laptop 1200x801

ARCO Turnkey Solutions is Positioned to Achieve Complete Cost Control and Optimise Operations with CMiC’s Integrated Construction ERP

Toronto, Ontario, July 15, 2024 – CMiC, a leading Next Generation Construction ERP provider, recently announced a new partnership with ARCO Turnkey Solutions (ARCO), a well reputed construction company based in Dubai, UAE. With its comprehensive approach to design and construction, ARCO has established itself as a leader in the UAE construction market, specializing in construction, fit-out, theming, lighting, architectural design, office branding, and digital media.

As ARCO continues to experience rapid growth and takes on increasingly complex projects, its decision-makers recognized the critical need for a unified system to streamline operations and integrate their processes effectively. After a careful evaluation, ARCO chose CMiC to support their long-term business objectives and drive efficiency across their expanding portfolio.

ARCO Turnkey Solutions: Pioneering Excellence in Construction and Design

Established in 1984, ARCO has evolved from a modest interior fit-out company to a leading construction group in the UAE, carving out a niche for itself in the design & build and turnkey project sector. Over the past several years, the company has experienced remarkable growth, driven by its expanding portfolio and strategic participation in high-profile projects such as the Dubai World Expo 2020.

What distinguishes ARCO Turnkey Solutions from its competitors is its comprehensive approach to design and construction. The firm’s commitment to quality is encapsulated in its guiding principle: "Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution." This philosophy has enabled ARCO to deliver projects that consistently meet the highest standards of excellence and achieve clients’ full satisfaction.

ARCO's vision is to be recognized as the region’s “one-stop-shop” for complex construction and fit out works, providing innovative concepts that drive customer success. The company's mission emphasizes delivering high-quality, cost-effective projects on schedule, supported by motivated, flexible, and committed teams. This dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction has propelled ARCO to the forefront of the construction industry in the UAE and beyond.

Business Challenges Faced: Rapid Growth, Organizational Gaps, and Outdated Financial Tools

ARCO faced significant hurdles as they expanded rapidly, adding new divisions and taking on larger projects. These included:

  • Lack of Construction-Specific Management Software: ARCO had no dedicated software to support their construction operations. As the company grew and took on more complex projects, this gap became evident, highlighting the need for an organized and efficient tool to manage internal processes and procedures.

  • Organizational Development Needs: The rapid expansion necessitated a more robust internal organization. ARCO needed to develop better organizational structures, streamlined procedures, and standardized processes to handle the increased workload and complexity of their projects.

  • Outdated Accounting and Finance Software: The existing accounting software at ARCO was inadequate for their evolving needs. The company required a more advanced solution to improve their financial management processes and integrate seamlessly with other operational tools.

  • Need for a Fully Integrated System: Both the construction and accounting divisions were in strong need of a robust “all in one” single database platform to enhance efficiency — this was instrumental to ensuring data accessibility in real time.

Recognizing these challenges, ARCO's leadership team focused their research on finding a comprehensive solution.

The Software Evaluation Journey: Choosing a Unified ERP to Support Business Growth

ARCO embarked on a thorough evaluation to find a construction ERP solution that would seamlessly integrate their operations and accounting functions. Their comprehensive search led them to CMiC, which stood out as the ideal choice due to several strategic reasons, which aligned with ARCO's business goals.

  • Single Platform for Integrated Project Management and Construction Accounting: One of the primary reasons for selecting CMiC was its ability to offer a unified platform that covers both the project management and financial management aspects of their business. This integration ensures that data flows seamlessly between different modules, eliminating the need for separate systems and reducing the complexity of maintaining multiple software solutions.

  • Scalability for Business Growth: As ARCO continues to grow, the scalability of their ERP system is crucial. CMiC supports businesses as they expand and scale, ensuring that the technology infrastructure can handle increased user numbers and larger projects. This capability aligns with ARCO's vision for future growth and innovation.

  • Streamlined Vendor Management: Managing relationships with multiple vendors can be challenging. With CMiC, ARCO benefits from streamlined communications, managing multiple invoicing, and support processes across the business. This consolidated approach enhances operational efficiency and reduces administrative overhead.

  • Enhanced Data Communication: The integrated modules within CMiC facilitate seamless data transfer between various business functions. This connectivity ensures that ARCO's project management and financial data are always aligned, enabling accurate reporting and informed decision-making.

Anticipated Benefits: Streamlining Operations and Enhancing Efficiency

A primary benefit ARCO Turnkey Solutions expects to realize is the streamlining of their operations. Historically, their processes were largely project-based, with limited organization into a unified system. CMiC's software will centralize and better organize these processes, providing ARCO with enhanced control over project flow and execution. According to Giorgio Galli, Senior Projects Director at ARCO: "The first big benefit we are expecting is streamlining our operations, organizing them better, and having full control, particularly in terms of project management and cost control."

In addition, ARCO anticipates significant improvements in their accounting procedures. The current software used by ARCO has been deemed suboptimal, making financial processes cumbersome. CMiC’s advanced capabilities are expected to simplify and automate these processes, enhancing speed and efficiency. Galli further explains, "It has to make the whole process much simpler, much faster, and more automated, which is crucial for a company of our size, especially in terms of reporting and auditing."

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About ARCO Turnkey Solutions:

Established in 1984 in Dubai, ARCO Turnkey Solutions LLC has grown from an interior fit-out company into a major construction group. The company delivers high-quality, cost-effective projects on schedule, driven by a motivated and skilled team.

"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution." ARCO excels in fit-out, theming, lighting, construction, architectural design, office branding, and digital media. ARCO aims to be recognized as the region’s best interior design outfit by providing innovative design and decorative concepts that ensure customer success.

About CMiC:

As an industry pioneer, CMiC delivers complete and unified Financials and Project Management software solutions for construction and capital projects firms. CMiC’s powerful software transforms how firms optimize productivity, minimize risk and drive growth by planning and managing all financials, projects, resources, and content assets—from a Single Database Platform™. With customers throughout North America and overseas, CMiC serves one-quarter of ENR’s Top 400 Contractors and hundreds of small and mid-sized construction firms, from general and specialty contractors to heavy/highway and project owners. Over $100 billion in construction revenue is handled by CMiC annually.

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