About CMiC

CMiC is uniquely positioned as the premier provider of a highly scalable and truly integrated ERP solution designed specifically for the construction industry.  Since 1974 we have been a consistent and trusted provider of construction industry software and have passed the test of time, developing into an iconic North American brand.  Our product offerings have evolved over the years, and continue to do so, but our core benefit to the customer remains the same – all your critical enterprise data: all in one place!  CMiC is able to deliver on the promise of a system that fully integrates all your construction enterprise applications.

Over the past few years our industry has faced rapidly changing technologies, an explosion of cloud adoption and the demand for mobile capabilities.  CMiC has kept pace by constantly upgrading and improving our software.  Through the use of an advanced service-oriented platform, we have continually been able to adapt to the changing needs of the industry.  Having moved through various technologies over the past many years, we are now able to deploy our products through both traditional and cloud models; and, our mobile solution provides the same ease of use that allows access to your information from any location.

Nobody truly knows in detail what the future looks like, but whatever comes, you can be assured that CMiC will continue to respond to the ever changing technical landscape to support the needs of the construction industry. Our philosophy is to anticipate the latest business and technology trends, and meet future challenges by providing superior software solutions today.