Construction projects, as commonly known in the industry, inherently come with a variety of risks. These range from financial to safety to project delivery risks, all which come from various sources. Introducing multiple sub-contractors adds another layer of risk and complexity.

Risk management is an essential component of running a successful construction business. With CMiC’s Construction Bidding & Procurement Management software, firms can streamline the pre-qualification process with our single database platform and minimize risks to their business. CMiC Bidding & Procurement Management brings together key elements that help leaders:

1. Assess a company’s risk (i.e. subcontractor evaluation)
2. Invite companies to bid
3. Accurately compare bids

Bidding software and procurement management process

Subcontractor Pre-qualification Management

CMiC Subcontractor Pre-qualification Management helps your firm manage subcontractors from start to finish by integrating all subcontracting activity into your systems. It is designed to work for both general contractors and subcontractors, automating the pre-qualification process – from creating and submitting forms and support documents, to reviewing information and approving or rejecting submissions. Users can create, track, and approve vendor applications online, not to mention track multi-tiered contracts.

With CMiC, you can pre-qualify subcontractors before they begin work on a project, and store ratings and past work performance for future reference to ensure that they meet your organization’s standards of quality and reliability. You can also manage risk exposure through the detailed tracking of lien waivers, releases, and insurance certificates and gain full control of all subcontracting arrangements, including contracts, billing, and payments. CMiC’s subcontractor pre-qualification questionnaire gathers critical contractor or supplier information, chief among them being business information, financial stability and safety record.

CMiC Subcontractor Pre-qualification Management includes:

  • Pre-qualification
  • Subcontractor Rating
  • Subcontractor Management

Invitation to Bid

Vendor procurement, which can take weeks if not months, is an essential component of any construction project. Before starting a project, one of the first tasks is issue invitations to bid to a list of potential vendors. In the CMiC ERP, this stage of the project can be executed without the job having to be completely set up – all you need is a project code and your project contacts.

Creating the invitation in CMiC software is easy and quick. Depending on the information entered at the time of setting up the construction project, much of the information required for the ‘Invitation to Bid’ will be automatically generated in the system. Once this has been set up, you can add bidders to the invitation by selecting multiple bidders at once.

Our filtering function also provides additional selection options by market sector or other partner classifications. Here, you can also view your partners’ previous subcontract information, such as the internal rating entered at the time of subcontract entry, contract amounts, and number of contracts. To further simplify the invitation and selection process by allowing additional filtering options, you can leverage additional bidder selection options, such as location, classifiers, pre-qualification parameters, CSI codes, or market sectors.

Invitations to Bid (ITB) can be set up to be emailed out to all bidders automatically. Bidders will be able to indicate whether they will be bidding by pressing a button (or clicking on a link) on the email itself. The CMiC application will automatically update the bidder’s bidding status based on their response.

Bid Leveling (Analyzing Bids)

CMiC’s application allows you to take each response and organize all of the information f to view and compare. This makes it easier to decide which subcontractors are best for your construction project. Rather than having to sort through several proposals separately, you are able to view the information in one platform, which displays all responses side-by-side. This method of centralized bid leveling also helps to identify any discrepancies in bids, and do your due diligence when making a thorough vendor procurement decision.

To learn more about the business benefits that Bidding & Procurement can deliver, please download the solutions brief.

Watch this webinar to learn how construction professionals are gaining greater visibility into their field operations with real time data from all job sites. With a suite of mobile applications that are as robust as what you have in the back office, you can review construction drawings, enter daily journals, and track crew hours and budget details all from the palm of your hand — no matter where you are working from.


Streamline the Pre-Qualification Process and Minimize Risk with CMiC Construction Bidding & Procurement Software

CMiC’s Construction Bidding & Procurement Management software offers a technology foundation to your contractor pre-qualification process that helps to reduce risks upfront, while bringing transparency, objectivity and agility to the vendor procurement process.