Plan ahead with clarity and confidence

Managing your company’s sales funnel while ensuring you have adequate resources to fill those projects is a critical element to maintain your growth targets. This involves juggling the complimentary objectives of resource planning for existing projects and the pursuit of new wins to keep revenue flowing. The process calls for planning several aspects that impact a construction firm’s operations, such as resource assignments – both in human and equipment terms – that are required to keep current projects on track to meet customer deadlines. At the same time, executives need to have a clear picture of the future by identifying opportunities on the horizon to forecast revenue and profitability and prepare resources to complete the projects.  
CMiC Opportunity Management (OM) is a modern CRM tool built for construction, that focuses on forecasting construction projects and the unique resources required to support them. It helps construction executives know the health of their sales pipeline in an instant, while crucially enabling business leaders to make accurate revenue, profitability and growth projections. CMiC Resource Planning is a visual resource management capability that combines key data points for employees and projects, in order for executives to visualize the balance between new projects and the resources available to execute them. It includes a detailed resource search facility, which pulls project details data as well as information from human resources (skills, experience, availability, etc.) to refine employee search and identify suitable candidates. A graphical summary displays needs and allocations by resource type. Furthermore, you can view projected ‘over capacity’ and ‘unutilized’ situations.  

CMiC has made Resource Planning easy by creating an interactive schedule with a dynamic timeline that visualizes the project resource plan for your entire organization. The interactive schedule often replaces a static resource management spreadsheet. An intuitive graphical resource console allows project managers and schedulers to easily drag-and-drop available resources—both labor and equipment—into specific jobs, and to understand the cost and timeframe implications of different scenarios. 

By combining the two, executives can tap into the single database repository to swiftly and efficiently match projects with available resources. They will also be equipped with opportunity management tracking functionalities and visuals, to make revenue forecasting and project planning a breeze.

Key Features of CMiC Opportunity Management

OpportunitiesQuickly find a sales opportunity or create a new one and view key information related to it, including linked contacts and tasks. 
ContactsView important information related to a contact. Perform additional tasks, such are sorting, filtering or editing contact-related information. 
OrganizationsView all companies in your CRM in one place. Perform additional tasks, such are sorting, filtering or editing organization-related information. 
Action ItemsSearch, filter, update and create new records to track action items. 
AttachmentsAdd new attachments to the record via photo capture or upload from local device. 
Voice to TextAutomatically convert your voice to text data with the speech recognition capability. 
Duplication CheckScans existing records automatically and checks for duplicates when creating new contacts and organizations. 
Link-Related ItemsCreating one record displays and automates the inter-connectivity and relationships between key components, such as contacts, organization, opportunities and action items. 

Key Features of CMiC Resource Planning

Summary Screen provides a graphical summary about a company’s resource needs and usage, for all or a selected Project, over a range of dates. This aids in the identification of excess and deficient resources, in addition to helping with scheduling purposes. 
Summary of Resource Needs helps users can create a summary of Needs for Projects that belong to a particular Company, scheduler, Department, or Business Units, or for just a single Project. 
Manage Resources at a project/company level, and track resource utilization and availability. 
Assign Resources – both hard and soft assignments can be made for a percentage of a  
Resource’s total available time. Assign a single resource for more than one Need within a time period. 
Integrates with other CMiC applications such as Opportunity Management, Project Management, Equipment Management, HR and Payroll to provide a holistic view of your project needs. 
Create Reports and Gantt charts for a big-picture view of projects and resource allocation (both Labor & Equipment) 

In Brief

CMiC CRM & Resource Planning delivers an enterprise view, as well as a project view – which is essential for planning and forecasting – a vital component of a construction firm’s operations. With a graphical interface, you can visualize and administer both human and equipment resources to be on top of allocation planning that helps deliver on-time projects today and prepare better for tomorrow.