Robust Accounting Software Purpose-Built for Construction Firms

CMiC’s construction accounting software, designed for general contractors and specialty contractors, includes advanced Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Billing and Consolidated General Ledger applications. Our software helps finance teams optimize revenue, cost and financial management practices, on top of providing robust financial reporting.

Beyond helping you manage financial transactions, our construction accounting software flows everything into both your general ledger and your job costing simultaneously — eliminating the need for duplicate or manual data entry.

CMiC Accounting Software for Construction: Key Features to Enable You to Help Increase Your Bottom Line

Eliminate duplicate data entry, minimize errors, reduce risk and foster collaboration

Revenue Management

Revenue Management

Oversee contractor invoices, cash receipts, and revenue projections across your business.

Cost Management

Cost Management

Manage job costs and labor costs, equipment, materials, and subcontracts — all in one place.

Financial Management

Financial Management

Ensure that field and accounting teams are working from the same set of financial data.

Financial Reporting

Financial Reporting

Leverage robust financial reporting capabilities, including owner contract, invoicing, cash receipts and projections.

Contractor managing construction accounting on a laptop at a job site.

Guide to Construction Accounting: From Basics to Advanced Concepts

Construction Accounting: The Fundamentals, Applicability and Best Practices to Best Manage Your Finance Teams

Webinar: CMiC Invoice Automation with OCR – Scale Your Business Without Added Overhead

To take a deep dive into CMiC’s Invoice Automation with OCR, watch the educational webinar, led by Oliver Ritchie, CMiC’s VP for Technology & Innovation.


What are the Benefits of Purpose-Built Construction Accounting Software?

CMiC’s construction management software enables your finance teams to:

  • operate with total visibility and make data-driven decisions
  • put the systems in place to prepare your firm for future growth

Maximize Project Visibility

You can unify organizational data, automate workflows, improve job cost accounting processes job cost accounting, and draw rich insights from accurate reporting capabilities. With a single database supporting all areas of your operations, decision-makers always have a 360° view across the enterprise.

Grow Your Construction Business

As your construction business scales up, you can add users to the platform — quickly and seamlessly, making it a suitable choice for both large construction companies and small businesses. From a geographic expansion perspective, you can expand your construction business locally and internationally through our multi-currency and multi-company capabilities. This enables accounting across multiple business units and jurisdictions.

Equipment Management and Expense Tracking

Easily track equipment costs, manage inventory, monitor expenses and compare estimated and actual costs all in one place. This not only simplifies your accounting processes but also provides a clear picture of your total project costs.

HR specialist using CMiC's software for payroll and human capital management on her computer.

Gain the Single Database Platform Advantage

CMiC’s construction accounting system is developed for the construction industry and is built on a framework designed to work either in a cloud-based environment or on-premise, perform well across all mobile devices and drive security. This way, you can choose the deployment method that best meets your construction company’s needs. Leverage our key software programs, which includes payroll management, construction project management, customer relationship management (CRM), accounts receivable modules and budgeting systems for expanded financial management capabilities.

Customer Support and Dedicated Account Manager

We understand that transitioning to a new construction accounting software can be challenging. That’s why we offer customer support and a dedicated account manager to assist you throughout the process.

“Our teams are much more efficient. Less double data entry, more automated processes; it’s really helped to improve our workflows.”

– Scott Hufford, Director of Operations, Chasse Building Team


CMiC Accounting Software in Action: Customer Stories


Iovino Enterprises Optimizes AP Processes and Provides Solid Decision-Making Capabilities with CMiC’s Next Generation Construction ERP


Moss & Associates Drives Growth with Unified Operations and Accounting


Straticon Drives Project Profitability with full CMiC Suite, Unifying Their Field Operations with Their Financials & Accounting


One Platform for all Your Financials: Experience the Best Construction Accounting Software with CMiC

CMiC’s construction accounting software program delivers construction-specific accounting features in one place — a single source of truth that ensures data integrity across your entire construction company.

From the back office to the field, construction project team members can access financial data

Get started with CMiC’s construction accounting solution today.