The mountains of content that build up during the lifecycle of a construction project, let alone during the course of running your business over several years, can overwhelm any company. This is where CMiC’s Enterprise Content Management comes in. CMiC allows all content to be moved into and out of your emails, storage devices and into your CMiC platform, all organized and easily accessible for future retrieval and use. No more time-consuming document uploads—this is a simple drag and drop capability for document movement.
CMiC Enterprise Content Management is not an acquired—or integrated—third-party application. As you may have experienced, attempting to integrate disparate applications can be lengthy, costly and often creates functional gaps. In addition to its native Enterprise Content Management capabilities, CMiC has built-in seamless integrations with Kofax, DocuSign, Plan Grid, BlueBeam, AutoDesk, Oracle/Textura and other third-party applications.


CMiC Workflow is designed to enhance your organizational effectiveness by aligning workflows with business objectives. With CMiC, your users create sophisticated, customizable and flexible workflows that improve the timeliness of transaction processing as well as customer response times. By automating processes, such as sending messages and communications to all project stakeholders, CMiC Workflow enables your users to receive, analyze and respond to notifications through messaging systems and ensures that the project delivery process keeps moving forward.

Automate workflows and align with the organization’s priorities, policies and proceduresImprove communications with stakeholders in a timely manner
Distribute messages and alerts proactivelyImprove timeliness of transaction processing and customer response time
Create sophisticated, customizable and flexible workflowsEliminate unnecessary steps and reduce the risk of errors and duplications

Document Control

CMiC Document Control is a native document management capability which captures and archives all types of documents across the entire enterprise. Document Control allows your users to manage all information assets—including drawings, graphics, images and office documents, as well as webpages, emails and videos. A record of the different versions is automatically maintained, including modifications that are made to all your documents.