Three construction workers on site looking at an iPad 1200x800
Three construction workers on site looking at an iPad 1200x800

Supercharge Your Construction Software with Embedded Analytics

Unique to the construction industry, CMiC Analytics simplifies the complex management of data-driven insights across the enterprise. Embedded directly into the core CMiC interface, the widgets and components function within existing screens-displaying reports and dashboards in an environment already familiar to its users. This powerful platform was developed using the same tools-and was built on top of the same database-as the rest of the CMiC platform, allowing any authorized user to access accurate and real time data without having to migrate, convert or merge the information first.

In this webinar, Yahia Kala, Product Manager and Subject Matter Expert – CMiC Analytics, provides an educational take on the power of CMiC Analytics followed by an interactive Q/A session.

Key takeaways from the webinar include:

  • How to use dozens of pre-templated dashboards with CMiC’s embedded analytics platform – all ready to use!

  • How to control access to analytics reports using the same security settings used across CMiC.

  • How to embed CMiC Analytics not just in your software but in your processes.

  • How to enhance productivity across workflows.