Laptop with chart - CE practical analytics webinar 1200x800
Laptop with chart - CE practical analytics webinar 1200x800

Webinar: How To Leverage Data to Enhance Your Construction Business

Construction jobsites activities are replete with data – but the tools used by construction firms to capture and analyze data are not always cutting edge.

Does your organization have the data analysis tools and know how to capture that information and apply it? The payoff promises to be big as 52% of rework on projects worldwide being caused by poor construction data management and interpretation of this data. Put another way — that’s more than $89 billion in potential cost-savings waiting to be recouped by the construction sector.

In this webinar, we share best practices for how construction companies can capture, analyze, and leverage their data to reduce risk and drive growth. Attendees will learn:

  • How to maximize the use of your data.

  • How to identify and avoid making common mistakes in data utilization in construction.

  • Tips on how to gain real-time insights to improve productivity.


Yahia Kala: Product Manager, Analytics, CMiC
Sergio Diaz De Leon:  Data Scientist, DRYCO Construction, Inc.


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