As a growing company, Paragon Sports’ operations simply could not keep up with the rate of their expansion. Software and tools that did not work together slowed down business, so they reached out to CMiC for a scalable solution that could support them as they grew. CMiC streamlined Paragon’s operations with a single platform that was able to connect all of their different lines of business.

Paragon Sports believes CMiC brought the most value to their workers in the field. In the past, there were wait times of over 30 days just to get accurate data to onsite workers. Now, data from the office gets sent to the field instantly. With real-time information, decision-making in the field can happen quickly and information shared between different teams is always up-to-date – allowing teammates from miles away to join in on project collaboration.

“We feel good about our decision to go with CMiC. CMiC gives us a cloud-based platform that we think is right for our company.”

– Brian Roberts, CFO, Paragon Sports