Three construction workers on site looking at document 1200x801
Three construction workers on site looking at document 1200x801

Customer Video: AGI, StructureTone and Ashland share how their overall business value and customer experiences have improved from working with CMiC

Before working with CMiC, all three companies had similar reasons that fueled them to look for a new platform – they all required more streamlined and efficient processes. Ashland, a general contractor in Raleigh, NC, saw the new platform as an opportunity to assess their current processes, and achieve greater efficiencies. AGI General Contracting, a general contractor from Stanton, CA, felt disconnected with their current software – unable to collaborate and see all data. Structure Tone, a large construction firm from New York, NY, explained how they used to manually update each department with change orders.

“We had the estimating department on one side of the floor, and on the other side of the floor was our cost control accounting department, and it’s a full New York City block and every change order the estimator had to carry that manila folder… all the way across the floor and put it on their desk.” - Micheal Dugan, Manager of IT, Structure Tone

So how did CMiC become their software of choice? CFO of Ashland Construction Company, Owen Cavanaugh, explained why CMiC was the best choice for his company. “We chose CMiC because it came across as the best value proposition for a cloud-based provider that was focused on general contractors.” Micheal Dugan, Structure Tone, gave a similar reason, “being so focused on construction companies, being tailored to our needs and providing a holistic solution that was going to bring project management, accounting, payroll, finance and estimating all under one umbrella is really what sold us.”

CMiC has allowed these three companies to streamline their processes, and efficiently use data analytics. “Data is everything. And if you can get good data analytics, you can make better decisions”, stated Andrew Gautreau, VP, AGI General Contracting. “One of the most valuable aspects that we found was the integration with DocuSign, and what that has meant for our ability to turn around and get subcontractors’ change orders and lien waivers into our office, signed in a timely manner and in a more efficient process”, mentioned Owen Cavanaugh, Ashland Construction Company. “Dashboards have been incredible for us, even on a project management view for them to be able to see what matters most”, Chris Gautreau, President, AGI Contracting added.

“We plan on growing, we will continue to grow and do well. And we can’t outgrow CMiC, we love CMiC. It’s one of the smartest decisions I think we’ve made,” - Andrew Gautreau, AGI General Contracting