Since their founding just eleven years ago, Chasse has grown significantly, from $22 million in 2008 to $278 million in 2018.

Like most small construction businesses, Chasse began with QuickBooks and then transitioned to a Sage 300 solution. As the firm continued to grow over the next several years, they realized that they had accumulated a bundle of software packages to supplement Sage 300 that didn’t effectively interface with each other and that were impeding effective company-wide communication and collaboration.

Over time, Chasse users devised multiple workarounds. While reevaluating its processes, Chasse realized the same data was being inputted over and over again on spreadsheets, which further demonstrated the inadequacy of its existing solutions. Furthermore, its project teams could not consistently access Sage 300 from remote jobsite locations. The firm made the determination that it would consider alternative solutions before investing in any additional modules or 3rd party software.

Discover how Chasse Building Team successfully replaced their legacy systems for greater efficiency in this Case Study.