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Blue buildings against a blue sky 1200x800

Case Study: Moss & Associated has Streamlined Communications and Grown their Business


In 2004, Moss & Associates was relatively new to the industry, with less than 10 employees. Today, this billion-dollar company has 600 employees across Florida, Texas, California and Hawaii. 

“We went with CMiC because we wanted a system which was fully integrated, everything in one, no building bridges. Also, CMiC came to us without pretense, just two executives in casual dress who made us feel at home. The competition brought 8-10 guys in suits. The other companies were too formal which was very overwhelming. CMiC showed confidence without the bells and whistles, relying on their product instead of the glitz surrounding it. We felt like we were joining a family, and still do.” – Sasha Seco, Construction Management, Moss & Associates. 

The Challenges 

  • Moss needed to replace their current two separate systems, one for operations and another for accounting as information needed to be re-keyed resulting in wasting time and money.   

  • Looking for total unification of capabilities into a system that could adapt as they grew. They wanted an easy-to-use web-based software platform that could save time.   

How CMiC Helped 

  • Standardized financial and operational procedures saves time at every corner.  

  • Simplified real-time updates that kept everyone in the loop at all times—from executive teams to contractors in the field.  


  • Scalable web-based set up that facilitates collaboration across departments. 

  • Standardized, construction-specific procedures to improve workflows and accountability, while decreasing risk. 

  • Streamlined management of financials for employees and contractors, including licensing and other relevant information. 

  • Empowered executives making decisions with confidence based on a single, reliable source of truth. 

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