Mobile apps and BYOD worksites have completely changed the game, empowering large firms and independent contractors alike. Along the way, clients have come to expect a new standard: total transparency and easy accommodation of last-minute change orders. Companies must adapt or be left behind.

Here’s the good news: firms don’t have to overhaul their hardware to keep up. The key is finding software that can be implemented across multiple platforms, including mobile. Why is mobile crucial for modern project management? Here are 3 reasons:

1. Real-Time Scheduling

Scheduling is the heart of every project, and a single misstep can significantly lower productivity. If your company experiences a lot of change requests from clients, then mobile software is essential for managing scheduling. Tools with a synchronized schedule that workers and managers can easily access through the cloud allow companies to stay on-top.

2. Payroll Automation

Uncoordinated payroll can waste countless hours and may leave employees dissatisfied. Today’s payroll software offers a range of automation tools to keep things running smoothly—in the office and on site.

3. Client Transparency

Clients want to be kept in the loop, but regular updates can be time-consuming and difficult to coordinate. With mobile reporting and collaboration tools, firms can avoid making costly mistakes and disappointing clients by keeping the lines of communication open.

Powerful, trustworthy tools will save you time so you can focus on producing better results and winning more clients. That’s why CMiC Mobile unifies desktop and mobile data into a single source of truth and includes an advanced toolset you can rely on.