Features Designed For Sub-Contractors

With three options to choose from, CMiC will provide you with construction software solutions to solve key business challenges and help you grow your business.

Why Subcontractors should consider CMIC

As deep experts in specific trades, specialty contractors must rely on capabilities that support their unique requirements in order to complete their self-performed jobs in the context of broader projects.
Communications within their teams-but also with GCs and project owners-need to be streamlined, consistent and accurate to keep a diverse set of projects on track. The right construction software platform wil not only maximize productivity and efficiency but will ensure that all parties involved can be held accountable for project delivery that is on spec, on time and on budget.

Construction ERP

A comprehensive construction-specific ERP designed to help you - tackle your key business challenges.

  • The use of disparate solutions, which can lead to duplicate entries and inefficiencies

  • High operational costs due to the integration of all third party applications

  • Data integrity or accuracy issues

  • The lack of centralized reporting across all applications

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Construction financials

We are here to help you address key finance-related challenges.

  • Robust accounting and financial software, with construction-specific accounting functionality and workflows; designed to support unique accounting requirements of construction and capital projects firms.

  • With fully built-in job costing, accounting teams can easily track financial transactions and data within each job and project they manage.

  • Key features include: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Cash Management, Cost Management Financial Management.

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Project Management

A suite of solutions designed to help you address your business pain points.

  • Cost-effective solutions connecting your back-office and field teams

  • Software to help your firm optimize change management

  • Robust forecasting-related features and functionality

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