Out-of-date and incomplete data doesn’t just impact your construction project forecasts, it also affects the important business decisions built on those forecasts. And with your team spending upwards of 10,000 hours every year just chasing down and updating data, they’re not only frustrated, but they’re wasting time better spent on more meaningful tasks.

Trust Your Data

When everyone on your team works with a single database, no one needs to spend any time manually re-entering data—or worse, accidentally duplicating it. Your office team can trust the data they see because their colleagues have entered it directly from a job site, allowing the office staff to create—or update—project forecasts with confidence.

Your forecasting models depend on the most accurate and timely data available, and that’s only possible when you run your entire business with a system that’s built on a single database architecture.

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"With the tools that CMiC offers us, it’s so much easier to analyze our profit margins and forecast models. We can spot trends ahead of time, and take standard or corrective action."
—  Robert Morgan, Boh Bros. Construction

Better Decisions that are Data-Backed

Your office and field teams expect to make quick and well-informed decisions—all the time. With a single database, everyone always has immediate access to enterprise-wide information that is unified, contextualized and presented to support action.

Of course, those decisions depend on accurate forecasts that are—in turn—backed by accurate and timely data. Bottom line: the integrity of your data is the foundation for running a profitable, growing construction business.

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Unifying Work with Invoices

Accurately marry your invoices and expected costs with actual work completed. With construction software built on a single database platform, you can track more than just dollars and cents—your field team can record schedules, man-hours and actual work completed, and your accounting staff can ensure the accuracy of the invoices they receive and the payments they make. Office staff can also use this information to update forecasts and workflows, ensuring management has the most accurate view of every project.

See how Moss & Associates connected its team with a web-based platform to ensure everyone—from office staff to field workers—could quickly and easily share information.



Your business has the potential to grow faster and for longer—but your teams need to keep up. Invest in the software to help them do just that. The CMiC platform is purpose-built for the construction industry, ensuring that your users, and the unique workflows that they manage, are not just supported—but also enhanced—by the right capabilities. Speak with an expert to learn how CMiC can help you grow faster while boosting your profits.

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