Managing different versions of hundreds of drawings across disparate teams is difficult by itself. When you add multiple software applications to the process, the task becomes cumbersome and painfully slow. Regain your team’s productivity by deploying a single system with native drawing management capabilities, delivering seamless synchronization between your architects and engineers, and across your home office and project site teams. If necessary, you can connect third-party drawing management application that you already use—CMiC has built-in integrations with all the major drawing management systems.

Stay on Schedule

Eliminate the hassle and wasted time of manually processing each drawing set one page at a time, and instead upload all diagrams at once and manage them with the only construction ERP system that enables project workflows with built-in drawing management capabilities. With the latest version of every drawing clearly marked and available for all authorized users to access, your office and on-site teams will be confident that what they see is complete, up-to-date and reliable—a prerequisite for keeping projects on schedule.

The construction industry is notorious for lagging behind when it comes to adopting new digital technologies, but it doesn’t have to stay that way.

Learn how your company can optimize its workflows and document management protocols to enhance agility and minimize delays.

"Before Mobile, we had to go back to the trailer to find the answer to an RFI, or even to begin asking an RFI-related question. Now, superintendents out in the field can discuss an issue right then and there by pulling it up right on their mobile device. It’s a huge time saver and the easiest way to access information and key documents."
—  Jeff Metcalf, Layton Construction

Stay Flexible

Deploying new software doesn’t have to be a source of financial—or operational—stress. If integrating your favorite third-party drawing management tool with your ERP and field operations platform is the right approach for you, take advantage of CMiC’s third-party integration compatibility to easily connect solutions such as PlanGrid and BlueBeam. But, if you’re ready for a new and unique approach—drawing management capabilities that are seamlessly embedded throughout your mission-critical enterprise system—consider CMiC’s native drawing management.

Deploying new software is a big undertaking—but sometimes it’s necessary, especially if you focus on your long-term success.

Learn why—despite costs and risks—implementing new software frequently pays off.

Learn how CMiC software can help your business manage drawings with unparalleled efficiency.

Stay Connected

Leveraging a single enterprise platform with embedded mobile capabilities, any authorized user—regardless of their role, location or device—can access and review the company’s full inventory of project drawings. And with real-time mark-up capabilities, you can empower your architect, project manager and site supervisor to establish strong lines of communication and take collaboration to the next level.

Learn why—with all critical information digitized and stored in a single, scalable database—Mavin Construction’s day starts and ends with CMiC software.



Your business has the potential to grow faster and for longer—but your teams need to keep up. Invest in the software to help them do just that. The CMiC platform is purpose-built for the construction industry, ensuring that your users, and the unique workflows that they manage, are not just supported—but also enhanced— by the right capabilities. Speak with an expert to learn how CMiC can help you grow faster while boosting your profits.

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