The construction industry has unique labor force requirements, such as safety compliance and certifications, as well as numerous challenges, such as rapidly rising costs due to labor shortages. Your ability to optimize the sourcing, allocation and management of labor talent will distinguish you from the rest of the pack.

CMiC Human Capital Management & Payroll delivers best-in-class employee lifecycle management capabilities—from talent acquisition and robust human resource management to payroll and employee self-service—that ensure your team is always set up for success.


Manage your company’s evolving organizational structureEasily implement staff changes for accurate tracking and reporting of internal and external resources
Seamlessly orchestrate the ‘applicant to hire’ processStreamline new hire setup and onboarding for rapid deployment
Access out-of-the-box regulatory reportsEffortlessly comply with government regulatory reporting requirements
Employ multiple time capture methodsEliminate time tracking errors from the field to the back office
Process full payroll ‘gross to net’Complete timely and consistent electronic filings
Offer self-service to employeesEliminate paper requests to the HR department

What could you do with accurate and complete resource time information captured seamlessly at every job site?

Watch this educational webinar to learn how CMiC’s Mobile Crew Time (MCT) can help you uncover hidden costs across projects, financials and payroll – and close productivity gaps.

"Now we know where resources are located, what projects they’re working on and whether they’re available; in addition, we know where an individual is at with their training and certifications through the HR system."
—  BJ VanOrman, ERP Strategic Director at JE Dunn Construction


Your business has the potential to grow faster and for longer—but your teams need to keep up. Invest in the software to help them do just that. The CMiC platform is purpose-built for the construction industry, ensuring that your users, and the unique workflows that they manage, are not just supported, but also enhanced by the right capabilities. Speak with an expert to learn how CMiC can help you grow faster while boosting your profits.
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