Hundreds of Drawings and Plans—All at Your Fingertips

Easily navigate hundreds of images and plans created for every construction job, and keep your entire team working from the latest drawings. CMiC FIELD includes out-of-the-box construction drawing software where users can upload, mark-up, sort, and search for the drawings they need at any time.

Key Features

Keep projects running seamlessly by organizing all of your information in one place, for the entire team to access. It’s easier to close out a project and begin the next when your documents are up-to-date with visible revisions.

Metadata and Hyperlinks

Metadata and Hyperlinks

Automatically extract key metadata (e.g. page number and title) and insert hyperlinks for callouts

Drawings and Specifications

Drawings and Specifications

Invite your entire project team to collaborate on your drawing set



Annotate the drawing and link to RFIs, issues, documents, and punch list items

Synchronized Collaboration with CMiC Drawing Management

How does CMiC Drawing Management transform the way your teams collaborate in the field? Watch the video for a walkthrough of its features and benefits.


What are the benefits of drawing management software for construction?

Streamline the design and approval process of plans, drawings, documents, and communications.

Access drawings from any mobile device

Users in the field can take advantage of the mobile app to access the latest drawings, even in offline mode.

Collaborate seamlessly with subcontractors

Invite subcontractors to annotate, markup, and collaborate on drawings. They can also create their own RFIs that can be sent directly to contractors, speeding up the time for approvals.

Track all sheets and versions

New slip sheets and revised drawings are uploaded immediately so that everyone on the project has access to the latest version.

Manage drawings by location

Tag drawings by location to quickly identify the attributes of the drawing (such as building, floor, or room), the issues specific to that location, and the associated RFIs and punch list items, without having to open the entire drawing or sort through a large collection.

Before Mobile, we had to go back to the trailer to find the answer to an RFI, or even to begin asking an RFI-related question. Now, superintendents out in the field can discuss an issue right then and there by pulling it up right on their mobile device. It’s a huge time saver and the easiest way to access information and key documents.
Jeff Metcalf
, Layton Construction

CMiC Drawing Management in Action

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CMiC FIELD R12 — Delivering a Mobile-first Experience

Watch The Webinar
Watch The Webinar

Driving Jobsite Productivity with FIELD by CMiC

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Watch The Webinar

Drawing Management Kickoff

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A single platform for ultimate drawing collaboration

Empower your entire team to establish strong lines of communication, with the ability to mark-up drawings in real time, while maintaining the accuracy of everyone working from the latest project plans.

Manage construction drawings with unparalleled efficiency

Speak with an expert to learn how CMiC can help you gain full project visibility and enhance collaboration.