Designed to Drive Efficiency in Human Capital Management and Construction Time Tracking

CMiC Human Resources and Payroll management software is designed to simplify and streamline your construction firm’s human capital management. It helps you track where all of your people are situated, with visibility into their credentials and which projects they’re working on.

People, Payroll, and Time Tracking: Key Features of the Leading Human Capital Management Software

Your construction firm can benefit from a complete HR management solution — which covers everything from talent acquisition and training new talent to engaging with, motivating, compensating, and retaining employees.

Employees can access the system through a web portal to maintain or update their profiles, view their employee benefits plans, access payroll information, and enter, modify and update their hours and paid time off.

Workforce Management

Workforce Management

Avoid duplicate data entries and automate routine HR tasks and payroll tasks.

Construction Payroll

Construction Payroll

Manage payroll processes and demonstrate compliance by delivering accurate documents and reports.

Employee Self-Service

Employee Self-Service

Enable employees to access benefits and salary status with ease through a single portal.

Crew Time

Crew Time

Measure, track, and report labor hours across different projects and activities.

To learn more about the business benefits that Human Capital Management & Payroll can deliver, please download the solutions brief.

The Business Benefits of Human Capital Management Software

Manage the unique labor requirements of your employee base and foster employee engagement with automated HR workflows.

Laptop with people in the background showing human capital management software.

Collaboration and Integration

Our HR software easily integrates with existing payroll management systems, such as Workday. By using the platform, you can effectively manage HR workflows including employee hiring and onboarding, professional development, employee performance reviews, attendance tracking, compensation management, and compliance. In addition, our partnership with Green Shades provides assistance with filing taxes and grants access to employee records.

Computer with workforce management software showing on the screen.

Simplified and Streamlined Human Resources

Automate your HR management to deliver information to your employees more efficiently and to avoid duplicating HR processes.

Manage the entire employee experience by assigning the right resources for each job and equipping your employees with resources to set them up for success.

Mobile phones showing hcm software.

Access the Platform From Anywhere

CMiC HCM and Payroll is a cloud-based system, accessible on any web browser or mobile device. From the back office to the job site, your teams can access the platform with complete flexibility from anywhere.

Watch this webinar to learn how construction professionals are gaining greater visibility into their field operations with real time data from all job sites. With a suite of mobile applications that are as robust as what you have in the back office, you can review construction drawings, enter daily journals, and track crew hours and budget details all from the palm of your hand — no matter where you are working from. To learn how to optimize these processes, check out our webinar on Enhanced Crew Time for Optimized Productivity.

Now we know where resources are located, what projects they’re working on, and whether they’re available; in addition, we know where an individual is at with their training and certifications through the HR system.
BJ VanOrman
Strategic Director, JE Dunn Construction

CMiC Human Capital Software in Action: Customer Stories


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Chasse improves their workflows by eliminating double entry data and moving to automated processes


One platform for all your workflows

Our HCM and Payroll software solution brings together technology, workflows, and people to enable a fully connected workplace with a truly engaged workforce. At its core, CMiC is purpose-built to satisfy the unique HCM and Payroll processing needs of the construction industry.

Your business can grow faster and to scale accordingly — all with the leading Human Capital Management software in place.

CMiC Human Capital Management & Payroll brings together technology, workflows and people to enable a fully connected workplace with an engaged workforce.

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