Three construction workers looking at drawings 1200x800
Three construction workers looking at drawings 1200x800

Webinar: Understand the Sources of Profit Fade to Preserve and Expand Your Margins

With each passing year, construction projects become more complex, customer expectations continue to rise, and competition becomes fiercer. And to top it all — with the ongoing pandemic triggering a wave of disruptions to ongoing projects and creating a less predictable business climate — construction firms everywhere are putting their financial stability and the health of their employees ahead of other considerations.

Project teams and financial executives need timely and accurate information to make informed decisions that consistently preserve profit margins. Having a system that offers a full spectrum of capabilities for construction cost management is essential in an industry where companies operate with tight margins. The CMiC Construction Management Platform gathers, organizes, and analyzes cost data to expose the sources of profit fade and to generate actionable forecasts. With CMiC, firms continuously monitor key performance metrics — such as project budgets, cash flows, revenues, and profit estimates — to deliver complete financial visibility across the enterprise.

This recorded webinar showcases how CMiC gives you a distinct advantage by elevating cost management across all projects to the next level. The session covers:

  • Cost data acquisition and tracking

  • Change management

  • Cost, revenue, and profit tracking


Mark Budd, Senior Solutions Consultant, CMiC