Three construction workers looking at an iPad on site 1200x675
Three construction workers looking at an iPad on site 1200x675

Webinar: The NEW CMiC Meeting Minutes: Make the most of everyone’s time

The execution of construction projects requires collaborating teams to conduct numerous meetings — which help them discuss and coordinate upcoming project activities and update stakeholders on progress achieved. Meeting minutes also offer a forum for all parties involved to discuss issues that may affect project costs and schedules. Meetings can take place face to face, or they could be virtual affairs conducted using digital tools.

Regardless of the meeting format, everything that happens during construction meetings needs to be recorded in a way that allows the collaborators to track the progress of a discussion that continues over the course of several meetings.

In this webinar, learn how CMiC Meeting Minutes can help you construct an accurate representation of the status of your projects, and create a solid foundation for communicating, reporting and record keeping. The recorded webinar showcases the following capabilities:

  1. Easily create, track, record and distribute meeting minutes

  2. Link to change orders and issues

  3. Drive greater accountability


Joel Kadish, Associate Product Manager — FIELD, CMiC