Blue buildings against a blue sky 1200x800
Blue buildings against a blue sky 1200x800

Webinar: Modernize your Progress Payments with CMiC Pay Request

The CMiC Pay Request application hosted on the CMiC Collaborate cloud-based hub, is designed to simplify and improve the timelines of progress payment transactions via automated workflows to drive agility and transparency in Payment Management. This enables construction firms to collaborate seamlessly with project stakeholders on an integrated platform.

Key takeaways from this webinar include:

  1. An overview of how to modernize your progress payments with Pay Request and minimize manual payment processes and inefficiencies.

  2. A Synopsis of Pay Request setup and prerequisites.

  3. A summary of project registration, publishing & data syncing.

  4. An overview of Pay Request documents, workflows, statuses, and notifications.


Oliver Ritchie, Vice President Technology & Innovation – CMiC
Ofuré Egbele, ECM Strategy Manager – CMiC
Justin Workman, Construction Accountant – Makers Line