CMiC list on an iPad 1200x800
CMiC list on an iPad 1200x800

Fast-Track your Punch List Workflows for Optimized Construction Management

CMiC’s Field R12 solution empowers construction firms to collaborate effectively, track project progress efficiently and measure labor productivity accurately. The powerful Punch List feature within the solution is designed to create, assign, track, and closeout all items that are pending or require action before a final walkthrough of the project.

What makes this capability so useful is that it was developed with the business needs of Property Managers, Construction Managers and Subcontractors in mind. With the recent introduction of the new Punch List Maintenance Page, creating punch list items using the intuitive interface and pre-loaded punch list templates all within the mobile app has never been easier, or faster. You can take your punch list with you on the jobsite, where you can assign tasks, take photos, and document issues directly in the field.

Watch this On-Demand webinar ‘Fast-Track your Punch List Workflows for Optimized Construction Management’ and hear from Roy Arulthas, Associate Product Manager — CMiC Field, where he demonstrates the robust capabilities of the Punch List feature to drive efficiencies during final project walkthroughs, track statuses of outstanding items and provide high-level reporting. In addition, Noah Harmer, Field Application Support Specialist at Layton Construction Company, also showcased the applicability of the feature and shared how Layton customized CMiC’s Punch List to maximize utilization.

Key highlights of the webinar include:

  1. An introduction to the all-new Punch List Trade Maintenance Page

  2. An overview of how a punch list is created and how to assign punch list items

  3. Instructions on how to track all records and create reports

  4. A lesson on batch-editing (online)

  5. Instructions on how to close out punch list items


Roy Arulthas, Associate Product Manager – FIELD
Noah Harmer, FIELD Application Support Specialist – Layton Construction


Sherif Mohsen, Senior Manager, Product & Partner Marketing – CMiC