Drawings and laptop - 1200x400
Drawings and laptop - 1200x400

Drive Collaboration and Manage Your Contract Lifecycle with CMiC and DocuSign

Construction companies face 40% YoY demand growth, unpredictable supply chains, and labor shortages. Manual, outdated processes to manage the construction process are not built for the complexities of projects today.

Key takeaways from this webinar include:

  1. Key features of the DocuSign adapter including how to specify signer routing orders for multiple signers and delegate signing responsibility to others

  2. Upcoming changes to the adapter

  3. How to navigate challenges through leveraging technology

  4. How to use CMiC and DocuSign to improve operations across your organization


Oliver Ritchie, Vice President of Technology & Innovation — CMiC
Liana Poole, Senior Business Development Manager – DocuSign