Office floor with empty work stations 1200x800
Office floor with empty work stations 1200x800

Webinar: Construction ERP — Accurately measure the health of your operations to ensure business continuity

The global pandemic is putting construction companies to the test like never before, impacting both existing projects and future business opportunities. As a result, firms are facing great uncertainty about their cash position and their future cash flows – essential barometers of financial health. How can businesses make critical decisions about their finances, operations and resources when faced with unprecedented levels of uncertainty?

CMiC’s construction platform brings together a unique array of features, including ERP, CRM and Project Controls – all unified through a single database. In conjunction with embedded Analytics, the CMiC platform helps construction firms accurately determine present and future cash flows, delivering the clarity and confidence that your executive team desperately needs to manage through the turbulence of the downturn.

In this webinar, members of our Product Team explored how CMiC’s platform, purpose-built for construction and optimized for business visibility, helps companies take complete control of their project and corporate financials to better inform their decision making.


Steve Cangiano, Director of Product Management, CMiC
Candice Francis, Product Manager, CMiC
Chet Kuchyt, Product Manager, CMiC