This webinar explores how evaluating a construction company’s past performance is essential to uncovering what can be improved. Today, many construction firms are sitting on a treasure trove of data from past projects. The good news is that there is a wide assortment of tools available to benchmark and assess operational and financial performance. The key is to deploy capabilities that allow you to easily surface the hidden insights buried in those data.

Specifically, the webinar covers how your construction firm can:

  • Build the case for a closer examination of historical data
  • Take stock of your company’s existing project data to prepare it for analysis and action
  • Confidently evaluate the available tools for measuring your company’s performance, and how to select the right one


  • Andrew Gautreau, Vice President, AGI General Contracting
  • Hrishi Maha, Data Analytics and Software Development Leader, DPR Construction
  • Jim Peart, Software Developer, Pepper Construction Group