Optimize Operational Processes with CMiC Checklists

Completing key project tasks in a standardized and optimized way have a direct impact on project success. As such, CMiC’s new Checklists capability ensures that your projects meet these standards and are delivered flawlessly — from safety to quality control to everything in between.

Webinar | Overview and Highlights

By viewing this information-rich webinar, you will:

1. Be introduced to improved templates which have additional response-focused options and improved customization options.
2. Learn about our push feature, which allows you to assign a set of templates to multiple projects concurrently.
3. Figure out how to make mass updates by updating the settings of multiple templates simultaneously.
4. Learn how to view instructional documents while executing checklists.


Join Nick Murray-Smith, FIELD Product Manager — CMiC


Sherif Mohsen, Product Marketing Manager — CMiC