Walbridge felt that they had outgrown their working environment. They wanted to overcome department silos and strengthen collaboration to help their company keep growing. Walbridge came to CMiC for a unified solution that would give employees the resources they needed, and in turn, spend less time searching for information and more time doing their work in the field.

With the introduction of CMiC’s construction platform, Walbridge improved transparency and flexibility. Across the organization, team members have access to real-time data and forecasting capabilities, giving them the insights needed to monitor overhead costs, create estimates, manage contracts and more. Since the deployment of the platform, Walbridge has seen every department increase its awareness of costs and reduce time-consuming processes. By having this information at their fingertips, teams can make better and faster decisions, and they can focus on delivering value to the people in the field and to customers.

“We needed a lot more real-time information to make real-time decisions and to keep us moving forward and succeeding in the future.”

– Cynthia Weaver, VP of Information Technology, Walbridge