Construction worker pointing at an iPad 1200x800
Construction worker pointing at an iPad 1200x800

Customer Video: Moss gained real-time access to data from any location, and haven’t looked back since

In 2008, Moss Construction was heavily impacted by the economic downturn – losing over a third of their revenue in a year. During this time, they looked for a new construction software platform and ended up choosing CMiC. Using CMiC’s standardized platform meant Moss could conduct business and train their teams in a streamlined and pragmatic way.

With CMiC’s assistance, Moss was able to find success during a challenging time for their business. All data can now be accessed quickly and displayed on a single screen. Furthermore, location was no longer an issue. Now, real-time information about a job site can be viewed from anywhere, making it highly accessible to all workers both on and off-site. With CMiC’s software supporting their business, Moss was able to increase their workforce from 142 to 500, and their revenue from $175 million to $1.2 billion.

It wasn’t software alone that brought them success – CMiC’s standout work ethic influenced the way Moss ran their business.

“We got a chance to really get the CMiC kind of thought process and culture into how we do business.”
Scott Moss, President of Moss Construction


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