Founded over 90 years ago, Pepper Construction was part of the generation that helped to build world iconic cities, and they continue to perform as industry leaders, providing quality service to their clients. “We believe that real industry leadership flows through everything that we do, from the decisions that we make in the field to the decisions we make in the office, and the way we interact with our clients. Technology is the backbone of our customers and our employees’ experience,” explains Jennifer Green, Chief Knowledge and Information Officer at Pepper. Therefore, it’s really important that the use of technology enables every Pepper employee to do their jobs better and to make a better product.

Before moving to CMiC’s single database platform, Pepper Construction was using 12 independent systems. While they were able to send data between them, there was still a lot of data redundancy and no real-time visibility. Often, data would update between platforms at specific time slots, or overnight, so it wasn’t possible for all teams to see the same set of data straight away.

Once the decision to move to CMiC was made, the first step in implementing the new system was business process mapping – updating current processes to become more productive and efficient. CMiC’s single database platform has allowed Pepper to stay aligned with newer project delivery methods, working collaboratively on the same system.

“Pepper is committed to advancing technology in our industry. We chose CMiC because CMiC has the same vision. Together, we help our customers bring their vision to life.”

– Jennifer Green, Chief Knowledge and Information Officer at Pepper Construction