Iovino was looking for a cloud-based system that would give them greater visibility across their enterprise. They recognized a need to improve tracking of their finances and project management processes for better visibility into their projects. They turned to CMiC for a solution that would allow them to see the status of a project at any stage, in real-time.

Iovino found the key differentiators they were looking for in CMiC’s construction platform. The platform came with a powerful forecasting tool, giving Iovino a clear view of where a project will be at any given point, so they can stay ahead of month-end finance and project management tasks. Team members on the field can enter information on any mobile device, making it efficient to track data in a timely way. This ability to readily capture information – starting at the transaction point – and see updates in real-time is an advantage that continues to help Iovino make smart decisions.

“One of the key differentiators about CMiC… was that it’s platform is built on a comprehensive database where we can track both our financial obligations as well as our project management obligations in one pane view.”

– Gustavo Monne, CIO, Iovino Enterprises, LLC