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If You’re Still Using a Legacy System or Siloed Point Solutions, It’s Time to Switch to a Cloud-Based Platform

When you’ve been using the same legacy system to manage one or several of your business functions for years, it’s easy to get stuck in a technological rut. You might think, “This is how we’ve always done it and it works, so why change now?” But this mindset constrains innovation and leads to ever-increasing operational inefficiencies. If you’re still using a legacy system or several siloed point solutions to manage your back-office functions or field operations, it’s time to reevaluate the role that information technology should play in helping your firm realize its potential. For many firms, the answer is a cloud-based construction management platform.

Cloud-based systems have the power to transform how you run all aspects of your business — from streamlining your operations to amping up your team’s productivity. In fact, cloud-based systems can boost productivity by 15% and lead to cost savings of 6%. When you operate with relatively thin margins, as many construction firms do, the impact of this boost in productivity and cost savings is huge!

Legacy systems and siloed point solutions fall short of truly automating business workflows and often fail to synchronize data across departments. These outdated tools and manual processes may have helped you get to where you are now, but they will likely become an impediment to driving future growth.

It’s time to leave your legacy and siloed point solutions where they belong — in the past — and implement a cloud-based platform for your construction business. These 5 hard facts will show you why.