Cybercrime keeps getting more sophisticated. It’s a billion-dollar industry that just keeps growing. Hackers now have the skills and the resources to launch large-scale attacks. This means that even large corporations with big security budgets aren’t safe.

Despite the increase in cybercrime awareness, many construction professionals don’t seem concerned about data security risks. Maybe they think that because they’re not storing credit card information for millions of consumers they’re not as vulnerable to attacks. Or, they might be afraid of digital tools, thinking that the best way to avoid data breaches is to stay put and keep old systems in place. Whatever the reason, it’s naïve to think you can fly under the cybercrime radar.

In fact, construction companies are prime targets for hackers. Not only do they store huge amounts of valuable data, they’re behind when it comes to technology. New kinds of security threats pop up every day and to keep your data protected, you need to update software regularly. Unfortunately, outdated solutions just can’t keep up. With no new updates, old technology is incredibly vulnerable to hacking.

It’s clear that construction leaders can’t afford to ignore the dangers of cybercrime. That’s why we created this infographic with 5 lessons for safeguarding your data. If you needed a security wake-up call, consider this it.

Download the full infographic here.

 Cybercrime 101 Infographic

CMiC Cybercrime Infographic