Two accountants looking at charts and an iPad 1200x800
Two accountants looking at charts and an iPad 1200x800

Customer Video: Govan Brown embraced best-in-class construction technology and the Cloud to gain a market advantage

Govan Brown is no stranger to using technology as a differentiator in the construction industry’s competitive market. Since their founding, they embraced technology as a way to do things better, faster and more efficiently. When they were ready to scale their business, one of their greatest challenges was to avoid the duplication of data entry and make sure all their departments were communicating effectively. That’s why they looked to CMiC for a single platform that could scale with their growth, allowing them to make information easily accessible across their nation-wide operations.

In CMiC’s construction platform, they found a web-based solution that improved collaboration and transparency. Its capabilities enabled Govan Brown to take on much larger and more complicated projects—worth up to $60 million—involving thousands of changes. The integration of departments and the availability of information allowed the company to manage large-scale projects effectively and be nimble in their decision-making.

Being a national company, integration has also proven to be a differentiator. Having a unified national platform means that customers across Canada will have a consistent experience with the brand, which builds on Govan Brown’s trust and reputation.

“This is a once in a generation selection process. We’re not going to do this every five years. Once we’ve made a commitment to CMiC, we’re committed to CMiC. And that doesn’t just go for our Toronto office but our national platform.” - John Taylor, Owner, Govan Brown


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