Chase Building Team was looking for a way to integrate their accounting, project management and field teams data all into one source. As a progressive technology-driven company, it didn’t seem efficient, nor collaborative for each team to work in a siloed process. But, what really prompted Chasse to switch their process was to eliminate double data entry – often occurring when more than one department required visibility to the same information. Although all the information was available, it wasn’t organized and, therefore, wasn’t able to deliver an accurate picture.

By implementing CMiC’s full ERP solution, Chasse now has an efficient single-source database for all information. Now, all team members are able to access whatever information they need, whenever it’s required. Chasse has also seen how added visibility makes it easier to effectively delegate labor hours. Through CMiC’s visual data in logs, queries and reports, they can pinpoint where they are in the lifecycle of a job and efficiently forecast what’s ahead.

“Our teams are much more efficient. Less double data entry, more automated processes; it’s really helped to improve our workflows.”

– Scott Hufford, Director of Operations, Chasse Building Team