In this exclusive 75-minute live session, broadcast on June 24th, 2020, CMiC customers and product experts discussed recent pandemic-driven challenges faced by financial professionals in construction and the approaches they took to limit disruption to their businesses. The session included a demonstration highlighting CMiC’s integrated Construction Management Platform and its capabilities to help firms take complete control of their project and company financials in uncertain times, all while working remotely.

Topics Covered

  • Who is CMiC?
  • What does an integrated financial process look like?
  • How does CMiC Analytics enhance financial reporting?
  • Case studies – stories from the front lines
    • Construction firm deploys CMiC software during Covid-19 lockdown by employing 100% remote implementation services
    • Longstanding CMiC customer maintains high level of business productivity and team collaboration despite work-from-home/shelter-in-place restrictions by leveraging Cloud-based CMiC platform


  • Paul Essler Chief Financial Officer, Knutson Construction
  • Ken Buck, Vice President, DiMarco Group
  • Laurent Amar, Vice President SMB Sales, CMiC
  • Bill Gustaw, Solutions Team Lead, CMiC