Before CMiC, Straticon managed their entire business using applications in the Microsoft Office Suite for their project management and QuickBooks for their accounting. When looking into the integrity of their data, the Straticon team—not surprisingly—uncovered double entry and data redundancies.

What the team did not expect, however, was the detrimental impact these data issues were having on their project profitability. “The field would report numbers significantly higher than what was actually coming in and being closed,” says Connor McNamara, Director of Information Technology at Straticon. “We never knew about the issues or discrepancies in a project unless they were vocalized on a phone call or in an email—and that’s only when an issue was known. Otherwise, we had no way of monitoring what was going on day-to-day.”

Learn why Straticon evaluated Procore for project management and Sage for accounting, but selected CMiC as the only solution purpose-built for the construction industry, with all capabilities—from the back office to the field—on a single database platform.