CMiC Signature Construction boosts profit margins by unifying back office and field operations on CMiC’s single platform.

The Challenge

Case Study:<br />Signature Construction Boosts Profit Margins on CMiC’s Single Platform

Headquartered in Carmel, Indiana, Signature Construction is a full-service construction management firm founded in 1986 as a member of the Pedcor family of companies. Signature is focused on building multi-family housing units in 16 states across the country. In 2019, their annual construction volume is expected to reach $150 million.

After the sunsetting of Integrated Construction Project Manager (iCPM), their field reporting and scheduling software, Signature saw an opportunity to transition to a paperless, cloud-based environment. In the process of evaluating a replacement, they also determined that it was time to overhaul how they report on projects by deploying a unified platform. “While replacing iCPM before its end of life was a priority, our goal was to get better control over the interaction between contracting, change management and accounting,” says Alexander Wain, Chief Technology Officer. “We were looking for a whole and complete system.”

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The Solution

“CMiC has changed the way we report on projects because everything across our portfolio is on one platform. This has been especially helpful for upper management and how they track progress on all projects.” –Alexander Wain, Chief Technology Officer at Signature Construction

Signature evaluated Procore, RedTeam, Sage, Dexter & Chaney, Paskr and Viewpoint, but ultimately selected CMiC as the only solution purpose-built for the construction industry and built on a Single Database Platform™. “CMiC came closest to offering the complete system we were seeking for the best value,” says Wain about their selection. Unlike other vendors that only offer point solutions that can be bolted onto enterprise platforms, CMiC is a fully unified, all-in-one enterprise and field operations suite.

Having all of their business operations streamlined in a cloud environment means that the Signature team has a complete view of their operations at any time and from anywhere. “CMiC has changed the way we report on projects because everything across our portfolio is on one platform,” says Wain. “This has been especially helpful for upper management and how they track progress on all projects.”

The Result

Because CMiC houses every business process—from budgets to drawings, change orders to forecasts, contracts to revenue—in one powerful database, it improves the construction workflow between the back office and the field by simplifying how they communicate issues, report RFIs and track daily activities.

For Signature, which handles a volume of 500-800 AP invoices per month, streamlining how they upload their budgets and how they pay their invoices has enabled faster and more reliable processing without increasing their employee headcount of 63. When the Signature team decided to increase their staff size by 10%, it was to proactively take on more projects—not to relieve administrative backlog.

In addition, the Signature team in the field can easily report on the day-to-day progress of their projects, which project managers, internal superintendents and the VP of Operations can quickly verify for high-level performance tracking. “Today, our ability to track and manage projects is great,” reflects Wain. “By committing to CMiC, we retain a larger margin per project than if we were using multiple software solutions.”

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