CMiC JE Dunn makes better and quicker decisions–from HR and payroll to resource planning and cost management–with a single source of truth.

The Challenge

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JE Dunn Construction, a general building contractor founded over 90 years ago, was looking for a resource planning tool to keep track of employees and projects across all job sites. What began as a small, family-run residential contractor quickly grew into one of the top general building contractors in the U.S., with over 22 offices across the country.

Communication shortcomings between project teams became obvious when they realized that there was no way to readily update—or ensure the accuracy of—entered information across offices and job sites because the project teams worked within ‘siloed’ systems. Without a system that stored its data in a singular database, redundant and time consuming back-and-forth phone calls had to be made to find out who was, or wasn’t, available for specific jobs.

The JE Dunn team attempted to organize such information on Excel spreadsheets, but with most documents stored in individuals’ computers, the information would only be periodically updated—and sometimes even lost. With full visibility of their workforce across offices as a top priority, JE Dunn turned to CMiC for a solution: the Resource Planning module.

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The Solution

“Having all the information we need integrated within CMiC’s single source of truth database, such as HR, payroll, resource planning, cost management, has provided our staff with the visibility they need to make better and quicker decisions. It’s a one-stop shop,” adds VanOrman.

CMiC’s Resource Planning is a proactive resource management and utilization module that inventories and removes bottlenecks to allow planners to accurately forecast resource needs, improve project selection and execute timely delivery. The full unification of payroll, HR and cost management means that the most up to date information is readily available for job forecasting purposes.

JE Dunn—who previously relied on Excel spreadsheets for forecasting—instantly noticed the benefits of implementing CMiC’s Resource Planning tool within their workflow. “Now we know where resources are located, what projects they’re working on, and whether they’re available. In addition, we know the status of every individual’s training and certifications through the HR system,” says BJ VanOrman, ERP Strategic Director at JE Dunn.

Today, when a new opportunity arises, a record is created directly in CMiC’s CRM tool, where crucial details—such as the size of the job, duration of the project and its budget—are available to calculate what will be needed to tackle the job.

The Result

It took JE Dunn about 8 months to fully deploy and ‘burn in’ the new platform. However, the time saved overall was noticed immediately. “We save hours by no longer needing to track down resources because we can see what everyone is tasked with—with a click of a button. Also, we no longer have to call 4-5 different people and wait hours—or days—for their response. CMiC’s Resource Planning module took a process that once took days down to minutes,” reports VanOrman. By allowing staff to act more quickly, which in turn allows them to be more available for other tasks, JE Dunn has boosted the productivity of their teams.

Other Benefits JE DUNN Enjoys with CMiC:

  • Real-time collaboration between superintendents, project managers, and office managers has sped up completion times.
  • Costs savings through greater communication efficiency.
  • A fully visible workforce that includes the integration of HR, payroll, resource planning and cost management—all housed within CMiC’s single source of truth database.
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