CMiC Bateman-Hall replaces legacy software with CMiC’s construction platform for seamless cloud connectivity and strong ERP, project controls and mobile capabilities.

The Challenge

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Idaho-based Bateman-Hall is a multi-state general contractor with deep roots in the Eastern Idaho community. The company is well-known in the commercial, retail, office, education and auto markets across 14 western states. The firm believes that teamwork combined with enabling tools, technologies and processes delivers quality results.

Not long ago, the firm came to a technology cross-roads when its construction management and accounting solution wasn’t keeping up with needs. Randy Stanger, Controller with Bateman-Hall, Inc. recalls the challenges that began to emerge. “We’d been with another construction software for 20+ years—and they were great until about five years ago, when we saw a huge decline in customer service. It became impossible to get resolution to certain issues.”

As well, Stanger was looking to take advantage of some advances in construction software, namely, cloud connectivity and mobility, that weren’t available at the time from their legacy provider. “The software was hosted on our server, so we were limited to where we could connect, and we didn’t necessarily want to open up our system to everyone,” he adds.

Stanger undertook a comprehensive review of construction management software on the market. “Some of the solutions were terrific with regard to project management capabilities but limited on accounting functionality. We didn’t want to make the investment in time and cost to learn a new system and then have to invest even more to implement an accounting application. That just didn’t make a lot of sense—we wanted project management and project controls all together.”

In 2018, Bateman-Hall selected the CMiC platform for the combination of its features and functionality as well the on-demand access and mobile capabilities. The company went live with the core CMiC accounting and project management modules in 2018, with a comprehensive adoption of CMiC FIELD as well as Payroll in 2019.

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The Solution

“We have tried several field collaboration programs, but many were bulky and didn’t work very well. Now with CMiC FIELD, as soon as the change happens, our crews have it. We’re more connected in the office and the field so everyone is on the same page.” – Randy Stanger, Controller, Bateman-Hall, Inc.

From a big picture perspective, Stanger points to plans, progress photos and change management features that tie directly to project documents and accounting systems. “We never used the RFI or daily journal tools in our previous solution because they were not refined—so instead, we used Word and Excel, which increase the chance of error, miscommunication and redundancy,” he recalls. Now, all project management activity is handled within CMiC. Stanger adds, “We love the ability to manage projects, resources and financials from start to finish within the single CMiC platform.”

The biggest area of visible improvement since transitioning to the CMiC platform has been communication between the office and the field. Prior to moving to CMiC, Stanger says project managers struggled to get the up-to-date information to field crews. He adds, “We have tried several field collaboration programs, but many were bulky and didn’t work very well. Now, with CMiC, as soon as the change happens, our field has it. We’re more connected in the office and the field so everyone is on the same page.”

The Result

The recent pandemic reinforced the value of Bateman-Hall’s shift to CMiC. “With COVID-19 limiting face-to-face interactions, we would have been severely handcuffed with our old system,” Stanger says. “The cloud connectivity is huge, now more than ever. We haven’t missed a beat as far as managing projects and responding to customer needs.”

As the company transitions its business relationships and procurement methods away from hard bids to more performance-based contracts, Stanger believes the value of CMiC will become even more visible.

He concludes, “One of the intangible benefits of the CMiC solution is the company’s commitment to continuous improvement. These technical people are always willing to listen to new ideas and are available for deeper exploration of questions we pose. It’s not realistic to think that any construction management platform is going to be perfect out-of-the-box. The CMiC team understands that and works with us to expand and refine capabilities and to tailor the system to meet our evolving needs.”

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